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I’m commenting on THIS video by a Jewish person who is giving his opinion on this HIS story. It’s a MUST WATCH in my view.

The good first. He says he is a Jewish Christian and he was entirely correct in saying that usury is evil and is economic weaponization against the Gentile nations. I should note that he’s the FIRST Jewish Christian I’ve come across who states correctly and emphatically that usury is evil. The overwhelming percentage of Jews believe the injunctions only apply to Jewish on Jewish transactions. So I give him credit on that point and I’m 64 so one Jewish Christian over that span of time isn’t exactly something to write home about.

He also asserts correctly what the Jews control today. Rather than repeat myself I’ll cough up this recent blog. But it’s extremely important to know that they’ve wrestled control of all the earth’s nations over the past 500 years. Therefore they control the political sphere in almost all countries via the money-power. In that last link, there is a link to Jewish control of China using the exact same tactics as they used on Russian peasants–namely the weaponization of VICE.

Yes, the Jews control Russia. But in my view they created it and that would never fit into his programming–or, they’ve controlled it since Christianity arrived–as they did America (same thing). Here is the code: Je RUS USA lem. The creation of America by the Jews is easier to prove as it was done via Freemasonry. The Fourth of July is 47 which is code for Yahweh. He does get to Freemasonry in Russia but asserts it as a late addition. Nonetheless, from a Christian Gnostic view, Christianity in its normative iteration is Jewish in that it teaches people to worship the Jewish god–so where Christianity ended up those nations forfeited their prior theological status and became Jewish proxy States–see Adam Green on this point.

Arguably, the Russians were well aware of Gnostic lore as Peter The Great (St. Petersburg [burg is a Jewish referent] think Steinberg) is ripped directly from PTAH who was the demiurge figure– Tekton/Architect/Craftsman– and Peter acted this out as he describes, along with the consistent theme of demonizing Sophia (mother of the demiurge) in various narratives. So a wash, rinse repeat of Peter/Ptah and the creation of the RCC which also turned Sophia into an enemy. So, again, the demonization of the mother of the demiurge.

Okay…the in-between. Comments are blocked which points to an intelligence agency/asset so this isn’t some random commoner-blogger giving his opinion. The video also seems to be anonymous which also points to Intel. If anyone knows who this is then please correct me. On his tone? Excessively sure of himself which in my view is a type of manipulation. I have no affiliation with the Bitchute channel that posted the video. I don’t think it was this channel that made the video.

This leads me to the real critique in that he never questions the Torah narrative and presupposes all the history therein as fact. I’ve said many times that there is one core common denominator along this line of inquiry and it’s the most destructive lie in HIS story: that Christ was a Jew who taught that his father was Yahweh. This is the one line of inquiry that has been blocked by the Jews for close to 2000 years and murder and mayhem have been the modus-operandi that ushered in the extermination of all those who taught that Christ was not a Jew and was teaching others that Yahweh was the father he referenced–he did not, in my view, and nothing could be further from the truth. I’ll link all my blogs on this theme at the end. But the Marcionite Church and more than a few sects of Christian Gnostics (ahem) also taught that the Old and New Testaments are incompatible–all disposed of by Jewish interests. I’ll link HERE what they’ve done to me over 30 years.

He parrots all the official narratives on the Jews but these stories make little sense as they’ve controlled the money-power since the 18th Dynasty in Egypt. Again, one is not a downtrodden homeless beggar when one has controlled the money-power for 33 centuries. And again, the temple of Solomon is a replica of the temple in Egypt. See my Judaism Is Egyptian Spirituality. And visit the cultural writings of one Miles Mathis who has shown beyond all reasonable doubt that Jewish Royals have controlled civilization for millennia. These royals created these religions as tools of societal control and they deconstruct them and reconstruct them at whim depending on societal conditions in any given era. I also believe they have planned what might be called The Grand Finale! That is to say, all their religious projects will culminate in a one-world order of religious control via Third Temple Judaism and the implementation of the Noahide Law System which will be juxtaposed to a one-world finance system. So Christianity still can’t figure out what the devil is even with explicit warnings.

On his critique of Liberalism. In some ways, I do agree as it was Jewish-controlled with an agenda. But words matter and I, like Miles Mathis, am a Liberal Theist in that I think freedom is paramount. I am also a Secularist as natural theocracies implemented by man and not by any god/s via open public supernaturalism is a recipe for deception and enslavement (see above about The Grand Finale of Judaism) which will all come about with not one IOTA of supernatural demonstration, IOW’s, it will be strictly Jewish manipulation of civilization. But his documentation of specific societal manipulation via Liberalism was manipulation writ large and I agree with him there.

On his version of the creation of Islam: see the long talks by Walter Veith (not an endorsement per se). In his presentations, he shows strongly that Islam was a creation of the RCC and was implemented as another avenue of protecting the lie that Yahweh is God: (IAO/YAH) is an ARCHON. Christ is an AEON! Different levels of metaphysics with the Archons controlling 7 dimensions of materiality while the Aeons populate the 8th and 9th spiritual ‘planes’. Christ predates Yahweh in cosmological time. Think of *Yahweh as the Archon of Saturn which rules the reincarnation template along with the why of the Hebrew Sabbath. Nonetheless, Islam reinforces Judaism as does the RCC. Islam was also about control of the Arab people. But it was Jewish Royals who ruled via stealth that was behind all of these creations.

On Hitler: see Miles Mathis.

So the Nazis created the most massive failure in all of HIS story. See the movie The Blues Brothers for how our friends view them in our era. But it was Jewish interests that won every single aspect of 20th-century wars.

Perhaps the truth is that NAZI came from Ashkenazi and National Socialism was really a play on National Zionism. Has the fog cleared?

Okay, YES! The world would be a spectacularly better place if every Jewish person adopted his stance on Christianity. But it would also be spectacularly better if all Christians were Christian Gnostics instead of the carnival barker grift show that Christianity has become today (intentional, in my view).



NOTE*: The Book Of Revelation makes even less sense when we see that it depicts Third Temple Judaism as the avenue of deception of the world. If Yahweh is the father of Christ then this should be absolutely zero problem. I’d suggest this is the replicant Jesus/Messiah known as the Anti-Christ but in reality is just another iteration of Yaldabaoth. Yes, Christians will have some counter-arguments along this line but if they thought it through honestly they would have to concede that Christ was deceptive towards the Jews for not revealing its Triune nature right from the get-go when it (god) was interacting with the patriarchs. Of course, from a Christian Gnostic perspective, those stories are fictional deceptions, so that explains that.


If I do not the works of my father, believe me not. But if I do, though you believe me not, believe the work: that ye may know; and believe, that the Father is in me, and I in him.

Christ and the Father are against usury! But Yahweh is clear that it is well for the Hebrews to commit usury against the Gentile nations! It can’t be more clear that Yahweh was not the father Christ spoke about…TWO DIFFERENT GODS AND RELIGIONS.

Justin Stalin in CAINada now wants to send anyone who criticizes his corrupt rule to the new gulags for life! So this is a life sentence for thinking! In reality, you have committed no crime but have just voiced thoughts that Justin Stalin DOES NOT LIKE! It’s called Bill C63 and the so-called hate speech laws have been snuck into a bill that protects children and punishes those who make A.I. deep fakes. No rational person would argue against the first part of the bill but ALL reasonable people should be horrified and outraged that our corrupt rulers have snuck in this kind of travesty! But it’s par for the course and the maker of the linked video above would agree with me. This makes sense if, like the Medicis, Trudeau is a marrano–all the fog clears at that point.

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