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This one is about the black side of money lending as it intersects with the ‘economic matrix’, especially with those who criticize this corrupt economic system.

But first a preamble. Israel threw the biggest world party in HIS story starting in 1948 when they took control of oil in that region; before the discovery of oil, they had little interest in those lands other than the few that had always lived there. Flash forward 1 degree of precession (72 years) to 2020 and we could reasonably say that the party is over. The Pharaonic Hebrew Elites came out of the closet on Sept. 11, 2001, and now rule openly which ended millennia-long ages of stealth rule via their royal houses. Yes, the Two Towers were Boaz and Jachim and this is again Freemasonic symbolism for pillars that were monuments in Egypt’s Temples (Sun and Moon=Solomon). Building 7 was the Salomon Building and Sept. 11 was the first month of the Egyptian calendar in today’s time keeping with the first month named THOTH.

In the modern West, in the 21st Century, we are experiencing what Palestine experienced during the first 50 years of the 20th Century (Fox/Jewish). Our political systems have been entirely co-opted as has the judicial system. Our countries are being torn apart by every divide-and-conquer tactic ever used. They’ve manufactured consent for every type of vice and have weaponized vice against human weakness to a diabolically astonishing degree. A more detailed analysis in this blog, Casino Economics, Murder, and God.

Okay, so what have they been up to when it comes to debt weaponization? Well, it exists on many levels. Whole nations are being held hostage as evidenced by the recent debt ceiling farce. The truth is that there is only one law when it comes to their religion of money, *’thou shalt not forgive debt’. So students, whose futures are nil, will have to pay these slavemasters for the rest of their lives while getting extremely little in return unless they are prone to liking Ponzi Schemes.

On a more individual score, they are well aware that very few can have any kind of life today if one disconnects from their matrix. So that in itself is really bad as all the avenues of self-reliance have been cut off during the ‘century of the fox’. **All homestead laws have been rescinded so one can no longer do what humans have always done: attempt to live off the land. Once the Royal Hebrews controlled the banking system in England, they at that time, passed laws ending ‘common ownership’ (clumsy I know) of the land. This forced commoners to move into their cities and work for their burgeoning corporations where they could hide and shield themselves through LLCs, Holding Companies, and Shell Companies. This is their primary modus operandi today especially when it comes to homes and creating mass homelessness via the greed behind unaffordability.

And if you critique them and have worked hard to have good credit? You will be targeted by various means and put into debt. In my case they ***targeted me within 30 days of putting up this website and the first injury cost me 30G’s over 3 years. Then the COVID scam added another 20 G’s and put my long-term small business out of business just as I was recovering from their first round. But that wasn’t enough and they targeted me again for injury in 2021 and that has added another 20 G’s with no ability to earn preinjury wages on my own terms. So a Credit Score of around 800 in 2016 to around 550 now. Inevitable insolvency which is their modus operandi in these times as it’s a very civilized way of doing ‘business’…Hey, the mafia went legit, remember?

If you had a mom-and-pop type business prior to the scamdemic you are likely swimming in debt now and your business has been replaced by the mid-level proxies that are wired into their matrix. It works like this: they control all the contacts for work and you can get hired in their networks as long as you pay them a commission (a cut of the vig). You will never get hired (next to impossible) as an independent anymore and will have to work through their contact matrix if you want to survive. In the 90’s I first perceived this but it was unclear to me what they were up to although now it’s as clear as day via spiritual gnosis.

There is likely no remedy for all of this and it has reached a scale after 33 millennia wherein it is next to impossible to live any kind of decent life outside of their economic matrix. It’s on the level of ‘god tragedy’ now and I can only suggest avenues of withdrawal for gentiles that are still minutely available. Withdraw from all their political manipulations; withdraw from as much of their sports and entertainment complex as possible; withdraw from their cities; withdraw from eating as much of their poisoned food as possible; read Miles Mathis and BOTCOTT everything or as much as you can.

Some thoughts on Canada today. They took away Legal Aid for the most part in the 90’s as the party was starting its hangover phase and my lawyer at the time asked me what I thought about the coming denial of legal aid for the peasants in this country. I told him that any country that abandons Justice writ large is doomed and I see nothing today that alters my view–things are exponentially worse! I just went to see a lawyer because of my injuries. I paid him $350.00 bucks to find out no one can sue for terrible government policies; they’ve also made it impossible in my province to sue if you are in an auto accident, or injured at work. I told him I’d rather be living in Katherine’s Russia as at least she understood elite pathology and wanted to give the serfs Tribunals to air their grievances.

Any pretense of enlightenment is now gone after two Trudeau eras and there is no conservative on earth who can fix this, as they are, in reality, much worse than the illiberal’s. All the right wants to do is Monetize everything and make everything transactional and that goes for relationships and Christianity swallowed the deceiving Red Pill hook, line, and sinker. By the way, I was one of the few around 2016 that openly called BS on the Red Pill psy-op as the Matrix was many things but the one thing it certainly was not was an allegory for right-wing populism. I called them a bunch of Sophists!

Here is an endgame speculation: what is the goal of this economic matrix? Well, you PAY THEM to go to work and be happy! But ya know, there is a tiny whiney little problem with that: it’s called SLAVERY! And that is indeed what the Rabbis want for the Gentiles–in fact, it’s a core tenet of Judaism.

NOTE* The reason Judaism has never called a Jubilee is because they lied about what it is in the Torah. They took the Jubilee from Egypt as it was a celebration of the Pharaonic God-King.

NOTE** The exception is all the Israeli Intel. assets on Youtube, who, generally speaking, have big breasts and live out in the woooooods by themselves or promote nonsense like Van Life. The Jews know what they have done to Gentile Nations and they use every covert tactic to tell us but the dumb Gentile sheep have somnambulism created by their media-driven mind-control. They know all they have to do is put some big breasts in front of the Gentiles and we’ll fold…And if those channels are not directly Jewish then they are paid via corporate influencing and are proxies which is another prime modus-operandi of the Hebrew Royal Elites. More on this PROPAGANDA HERE…

On the Youtube atheists. Their primary goal is to continue the deconstruction of Christian and Muslim countries so that their Economic Matrix can be further installed. They do this while the Rabbis have become the most powerful influence lobby on earth and seek their One World Order rule. I can’t think of anything more despicably duplicitous on the part of these atheists. Are Youtube atheists a part of a cult? With the leader being Jewish interests? Not one of them signed up for my Atheist Pledge which should tell the Gentiles that they will ALL convert when Third Temple Judaism arrives. And yes, women in Gentile countries have become proxies as has the gay community. Women have been convinced that a lifetime of cashier work is better than being a traditional wife and it’s unfathomable, but that is indeed the case.

Now y’all know that I believe Judaism is FALSE and by default normative strains of Christianity and Islam are too. But knowing this there is still an argument to be made within the Culture Wars, but that would entail the re-establishment of a HEALTHY Christian Culture that rejected and outlawed ALL forms of usury defined here as using money to gain and make more money. So Passive Income would be illegal as would all types of Rent-Seeking. Certainly, the Ponzi Scheme of Fiat Currency would be illegal. Any new Christian-type economy would have to be set up so that one person (note I didn’t say man) could earn an income that would provide an adequate but modest income and would provide for the whole family. Any other form of Christian Economics would be false and deceptive. The current model is best described as The Mark Of The Beast System within normative eschatology.

We should note that if the world has to live by Judaism’s delusions and that Economic Darwinism is simply a synonym for Judaism’s/Jewish view of economics then why can’t Christians build a delusion that is better for them? Put aside for now that any civilization built upon delusion will likely fail, but it’s possible Christians could build a much better delusion than the current Judaiac one; whether the religious or Darwinian Economic one. The avenues to do so are found within the New Testament if Christians are willing to explore this route. Yes, many have done so in the past and even today we have The Amish so it’s simply an issue of not letting Judaism or Economic Darwinism be the foundation of their culture.

I know mind-controlled Christians will find this difficult to accept but they would have to rebuild ‘utilitarian useful widgets’ that had a large degree of societal usefulness (good use good use good use) and then implement a means of exchange that did not involve usury–so no third-party shenanigans when it comes to economic exchange. See my series along this line HERE and HERE. I’d also suggest to Christendom, in general, to stop arguing about unprovable metaphysics, and to renew a focus on how you should live with one another economically. And make no mistake about it that that starts with common human decency in all your transactions with humans and other life forms–so Good Will applied to economic exchange premised on The Golden Rule. IWO.s refuse to live by the Pyramid and Ponzi schemes by those that hate you and Christ.

NOTE*** We don’t have an unbiased and uncorrupted court system that would hear the overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence that likely could prove my case beyond a reasonable doubt. I suspect the Palestinians don’t either. Their kids matter while ours DO NOT other than as objects to be manipulated into being good consumers of their toxicity.

An add-on bonus track!

A final muse on this Father’s Day on what I call the deceptive construct of the Demiurge. See the Matrix movie that offers a decent depiction. In my view, it controls what I’d call the Orion/Saturn/Moon reincarnation nexus. This is inherently linked to Egypt and Judaism which are both Lunar/Solar religions (Sun and Moon=Solomon). The best I could give this demiurge is that it does hold the keys to this nexus within the context of getting the ‘spark of the pleroma’ back home. So it’s the primary gatekeeper here and a human will not pass until a reckoning is had with this entity. But in recent years I’ve also come to question the nature of the Bardos and now think even that experience is compromised and manipulated to keep you here in ‘the loop’.

I’d even go as far as to say that this entity does love us in its own way but that love is similar to how a husband will beat his wife and children when drunk on power which is a form of control. So humanity suffers from spiritual Stockholm Syndrome.

In my view, Yahweh is not the Demiurge, but rather the Archon War God of Israel which I’ve ‘proved’ is populated by the hybrid Hebrew/Pharaonic elite bloodlines on earth.

A final note on what governments could have done when it comes to the carnage they inflicted on small businesses because of the pandemic. They could have called a ONE TIME JUBILEE for those that could prove their business lives were destroyed. But all we get is the usual denial that ‘they dindu nuffin’. And this proves, in my opinion, the malicious intent hidden behind Covid economics as the wiping out of our business lives was intentional. They KNEW they would destroy our Credit Scores!

And this intersects with the hollow claims of anti-Semitism which is nothing other than the banking cartels not wanting any critique whatsoever. So it’s the usual misdirection cover story. On this site, there is not ONE WORD that advocates violence against these people and I’ve many many blogs that offer compromises to their corrupt thinking and system. But they will have none of it and that is plain disgusting to anyone with any spiritual sense whatsoever. I should note that only a Marxist critique of capitalism is allowed and not any Christian critique of capitalism which can no longer happen anyway as Christianity today is fully tainted and controlled by Jewish economic thinking.

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