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I’ll primarily tackle the Intel site Youtube and all the Intel assets posting fake Christian deconversion videos recently. 

This is simply an extension of what the Freemasons did over the past few centuries when they dissected Christianity into about 33,000 schisms–all Yahweh and Zionist-friendly. But this was only a continuation of the original Christian RCC controlled- opposition- psyop of the Pharaonic Hebrew Elite bloodlines created during the centuries after they wrote the New Testament. I’ve covered this in many blogs so I’ll only link below for those of you who want to investigate the truth further. Yes, Paul was a Hebrew/Roman Flavian and would be a part of what we call The Deep State today. 

Please note that in those early centuries (after whatever happened between 47BC and 33AD) the Hebrew Elites disposed of all those who knew the Torah was fake and these Christians were known as the Marcionites and Christian Gnostics. Many of them believed that Christ was not Jewish but was rather an angelic type being known as an Aeon. This view that Christ was a pure spiritual light being is known as DOCETISM. So kind of an Avatar. See THIS video which covers this view. 

So, little has changed from those early years other than the tactics of manipulation. Today it’s primarily an Infowar (yes, Alex Jones is an agent of the same Intel families) so he’s only telling you what they are doing which is more 2+2=3 whereas on Conspiracy Lane you get 2+2=4 with the added bonus of clearing the mind-fog that these families have created intentionally on earth. *I’ve said previously that there is a universe of difference between Intel agents telling you what the families are up to and truth seekers revealing spiritual gnosis. 

In modernity, one has to understand what Marx wrote in his book The Jewish Question. We should note that communism was another controlled opposition by the same families. But a covert social engineering aspect of this part of Marx’s work was to split civilization in two new ways which would benefit Jewish interests and that was to push materialism and atheism on masse while continuing to splinter and deconvert Christians; this juxtaposed to the promotion of Zionism and the creation of the political state of Israel, which was simply an avenue for the Rabbis and the Torah and the creation of Third Temple Judaism–which will implement the enslavement of all gentile people. A part of this religion is also the spiritual extermination of all gentile people and this is known as Tikkun. So we have duplicity and hypocrisy on a very large societal scale. Here is a pic of Marx’s Freemasonry hidden hand symbolism which many of the founders of modern atheist philosophy posed for. 

I’ve said in previous blogs that there are two acceptable stances on life that Jews approve of and fund and that is materialism and atheism and the deconversion of Christians and Muslims. These choices are known as false dichotomies in philosophy and that is pretty well the definition of Youtube when it comes to spirituality and economics. Endless debates by the likes of Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris coughing up false dichotomies amount to the same social engineering tactics. 

A few notes on the incoherent philosophy of materialism. How do they deny immaterialism (consciousness) well, by using consciousness to tell us it doesn’t exist, so they are caught in what is called a performative contradiction. The same goes for their arguments for moral relativism which has helped them to no end with their economic crimes. They say that everything is relative, but the statement itself is a contradiction, as it contains the universal everything which is an absolute reference. And again, by coughing up the choice between the religions they created and atheism and pretending there are absolutely no other rational options when it comes to god and spirituality. Of course, their Department of Spiritual Propaganda pushes every level of irrational spiritual nonsense for the naive and spiritually blind –see their Intel site Gaia on that one– but I’d advise running like hell from that creepiness. 

This is as close as rational argumentation gets to any god theory: 

Okay, there is a newcomer in this arena: simulation. Although I get why people are espousing it (it is compelling) I also see most involved in promoting it are overreaching in their assertions. But any and all theistic propositions must start with the idea that consciousness is primary. 

On number two: 

The possibilities don’t include the racist supremacy and spiritual fascism that is the Torah and because the Torah is false the devilish children it spawned are false, too. Neither the Torah, normative Christianity, nor Islam meets the rational component of any rational theistic debate. In my view, David Astle , was more or less right when he proposed the money-lending cartels hi-jacked every early religious structure and used religion as cover. So the Bible is a creation of these money-lending cartels that now own the whole earth. *This is distinct from who David Astle was and what his motivations were. 

But, if one is an honest seeker, one has to concede that the Bible and Koran are treatises on supernaturalism. And that that supernaturalism is claimed to be implemented by a wholly good and loving god in an open and non-deceptive way. When we look at quotes like ‘let us reason together’, and ‘I AM the same yesterday today, and tomorrow’, it is next to impossible to ignore the disappearing act by the gods of Western theism.

On the other side of religious philosophy, one of the foundational tenets of the East is that the earth is under some kind of deception, illusion, veil, Maya, etc…And this is not too far off from a Christian Gnostic view of this earth; we only differ on the what of the deception (see above). But to be clear: a maximally evil god theory is utter rubbish and no Christian Gnostic would argue that (only dishonest atheists would). We do understand the amazing aspects of this construct and we are simply saying that it is thoroughly corrupted. Whether it can be redeemed is another topic altogether but certainly not by a Kabbalah notion of Tikkun–this is a death sentence for the Gentiles.

I said in a recent post that the Rabbis should be lining up at Miles Mathis’ door as no one understands Tikkun better.

But to head off criticism on that point: show me the links wherein it proves the Rabbis and Hebrews used all their influence and power in every country they were involved with (all of them) over the last 4-millennia to argue for Jubilees. I suspect not one successful link will be coughed up and anyone can search my site for why that is. Provide those links and I’ll shut up.

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