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I came across THIS video yesterday and it’s the first time I’ve heard of this likely Q-agent Juan O Savin. This blog is in no way directed at the channel that provided the video link.

This blog will explore the possibilities of how to guess whether someone is a Spook of the Intel. agencies and that they’re members of what I’ve come to call The Department Of Spiritual Propaganda since 2008.

The thing with this guy is how much truth he packs into his vocal menage. He’s entirely correct about the founding and layout of D.C. which was another step on the world chessboard by the International money-lending cartels that had their roots in Egypt about 33 millennia ago–implemented by the Hebrew Pharaonic ELites– who are very much alive and well today (although I use the word well lightly).

One of the first markers of the money-lending Intel. agencies are the site GAIA which is jam-packed with spooks asserting every manner of nonsense. Another hint is when they seemingly come out of nowhere with really slick and snake-oil-like production. And another way to tell is by their use of wording and in this case the words Judaeo-Christian is the red flag. The spook Jordan Peterson uses this one all the time and it’s no surprise O Savin does. And, as Miles Mathis points out, in film they use actors that are related to the characters portrayed, and, they also use Intel. agents today to ‘keep alive’ previous Intel. assets from previous eras such as THIS video on Blavatsky by Gary Lachman.

And then there are some of the nonsense names they dream up like Sage of Quay. And follow ‘the circuit’ wherein they all host each other on their platforms. Think Jones interviewing Icke and Icke being interviewed by Maher ad infinitum. Basically complete trolling of dumb and blind gentile sheep being led to their enslavement and slaughter. Another way to tell is via the cognitive dissonance they so often invoke. An example would be MAGA juxtaposed to Judaism’s view of Amalek, Edom, Rome, the West, and America, which Judaism is committed to destroying for revenge for the destruction of the second sun and moon temple (Solomon) in 70 AD. Never mind that the temple is a near exact replica of Egypt’s temple (another fake arch-nemesis of the Hebrews).

I’ll take the time here to address a previous blog called Judaism Is Egyptian Spirituality. I am in no way saying that Judaism borrowed the myths of Osiris, Isis, and Horus verbatim, that is not what I’m saying at all. Read the blog that shows ample evidence that the Torah writers borrowed many of the same cosmological ideas that were part and parcel of Egypt’s spirituality. And in this writer’s view, they also created a fake history.

To the meat of this blog! NOWHERE in the Egyptian spiritual oeuvre can one find the idea that Osiris was evil as understood by Egyptian culture; hell, they didn’t even believe SET (H) was evil in their spirituality, but it goes further than that, as Egyptian spirituality was understood to be allegorical myths via what is known today as pantheism–so they didn’t consider the gods as humanlike in the way some religions do today. So his portrayal of Osiris couldn’t be more incorrect as understood by the Egyptians. Now certain religious philosophies (ahem) today are more than allowed to have their opinions on the god/s of Egypt but we are not free to blatantly misrepresent how the Egyptians viewed their god/s.

Miles Mathis has put out the idea of a Parallel: that is an agent who is actively trolling a truth-teller and when he gets into the idea of ‘the flip’ it looks to me like he’s trolling andrewmarkmusic. It’s like he read my whole website and then went on to pervert most of the primary ideas espoused here. This guy can’t even make a distinction between mythical allegory of nature and occultism. Doesn’t his picture icon scream spook? And if one read my site one will find that I spent 7 years as a ‘kid on the side of the road’ hitch-hiking between ’79 and ’86. He uses expletives every 2 seconds and then goes on to assert original sin and Jesus redemption! No honest evangelical-type Christian believer is going to use this type of language so he doesn’t believe the narrative but is in reality weaponizing the normative Christian narrative for his own hidden agendas.

More made-up claims by O Savin: the number 17 that he coughs up out of nowhere is likely his made-up fiction to the letter Q as nowhere does it say that Osiris was dismembered into 17-parts; I believe the likeliest number is 14 but I’ve heard up to 42.

On his 911 claims. The Egyptian calendar is primarily understood as a reference to Thoth and was based on Astrotheology, especially within the context of the star Sirius. If one investigates the Sothic calendar one will find that Sept. 11, by today’s Gregorian calendar, aligns with the first month of the Sothic year, again known as Thoth. Think Thutmose here which means Son Of Thoth. So he’s correct about 911 but totally misrepresents the reason why: these occultic bloodlines of the Pharaonic Hebrew Elites that came out of Egypt and ruled by stealth still live by Egyptian Spirituality.

I would even argue that that is the root of Kabbalah which is another type of Pantheism so the idea that Kabbalah came out of the Persian Empire and Zoroastorism is more misdirection as the Persian religion is another type of Gnostic Dualism which Kabbalah certainly is not. In my view, Kabbalah is best described as a type of Pantheistic Monism as is the spirituality of Egypt. One might go as far as saying Hermeticism, Freemasonry, and Kabbalah are best defined as Monist PanENtheism. But the point is they don’t view god/s in the way moderns might view god/s as human-like entities. These beliefs were/are a type of nature worship (pantheism) with ‘gods’ given human attributes so Thoth is described as a falcon with the human attribute wisdom… It’s a total misrepresentation to call this polytheism which is why I have zero respect for Hackedemia on this issue. There was obviously a hidden agenda to name the religion of Egypt polytheism so that they could enforce the lie that Judaism is monotheism–it is not!

Hackedemia might consider reading the first commandment wherein it directly references other gods!

I’ve also argued elsewhere that the significance of Thoth, from a Christian Gnostic point of view, is that Thoth is the template for the Jesus figure that these Hebrew/Egyptian/Roman bloodlines wrote about in the New Testament. That IS THE significance of 911 so these Pharaonic Hebrew Royals came out of the closet so to speak on that day. We should note, in an attempt to back up my assertion, that the Hermetic Orders and Freemasonry were also based on Egyptian spirituality and I’ve many blogs on this ground. But he is correct that these Occult Orders did create America which means ‘beloved land of Egypt’s spirit’.

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