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Just as I finished my last blog I came across another one!

This guys name is Bob ThiEL @ The Continuing Church of God…Do you see the CC (33) as per usual. Please notice the obligatory EL

I can’t tell you how many of these idiots I’ve come across over my 50-year search.

This cult came out of Herbert W. Armstrong’s B.S. which was another ‘paid by shekels per minute’ let’s just worship the nasty Yahweh and declare him the Father Of Christ. I’ll give ‘em that they are relentless. In this case more splintering of Christendom into about 33,000 sects via Freemasonry in the past few centuries–again, the common-denominator is all the schisms are pro Torah.

This is from one of Bob’s papers.

Protestants, like the apostate Marcion, doom most human beings to eternal torment.

We in the CCOG realize that God is wise, all knowing, loving, and all powerful. We have faith that He has a plan of salvation that will result in the salvation of the vast majority of people who ever lived.

Can you see the blatant contradiction even within 2-tiny sentences within this word-salad propaganda piece?

A note on construction and deconstruction of religion. This may be a tad sloppy but it will likely get my point across. Imagine these religions are sand castles and the elites build one for what ever reason; they can go on to build another if the first one served their purpose, or they could smash the sand-castle if it didn’t. And at any point they could rebuild when it suited a current agenda (911 and the return of religion).

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