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On the Capitalist dragon: the dragon is a hoarder of wealth and will never give that up. The dragon is also motivated by lizard instincts and can’t reason its way out of its nature: it is lowly developed and its faculties of reason are diminished by its greed. Once upon the dragon one will find that one can only go where the dragon wills–it will not be steered. The dragon is neoliberal global corporate capitalism. Let’s take some examples: on homelessness, the very parameters of this dragon’s flight make it impossible to end homelessness under this system. The best that can be achieved from its basic ideology is to give blankets and at its worst a feral hatred of these people. Environment: this system externalized all costs to future generations so that it can hoard its wealth for today. And to those who attempt to hinder the dragon’s flight from below? Fierce retribution from everything the dragon can throw at it!  It might also come to be known that this particular dragon is blind and ever the more dangerous for it.

At best, Trump and Co. might be likened to Merry and Pippin in LOTR’s who were always being admonished by Gandolf for their naiveté and downright clumsiness in thinking they can take on the dragon. They cannot! In fact, they are more Golem in their relationship to truth– corrupted by power. Trump represents the Joker card in the mafia-run casino economy which always plays an unpredictable wildcard when needed. Trump also represents the idea of the return to Adam Smith’s laissez-faire (Libertarian) economy espoused in 1850 in one of the bibles of the economy, The Wealth of Nations—a book that was completely acceptable at a time when there was only a billion people on the planet and seemingly unlimited resources. Certainly, our circumstances have changed and there will be 10 billion between 2050 and 2100. For those who love irony, Smith was quite concerned about the business class taking over government (what I call the commons), government for the people by the people; or once known as Republicanism.

The populist uprising by Bernie Sanders on the left is the same reactionary principle. Bernie thinks the solution is to go back to Socialized Capitalism brought in by Roosevelt with his New Deal by mid-century (around the 1940s), this was in reaction to the first Adam Smith system which resulted in the ‘casinoization’ of the economy and caused the market crash in the early part of the century. As a remedy,  John Keynes’s economic ideas were enacted: basically, he posited that the business class needed legislating into behaving ethically (which worked to a degree until the Reagan era) which was another attempt to get back to Adam Smith. Of course, all Reagan did was embed the corporate state even further and the corporate state now owns the political system which has become a theater of propaganda for them. This is the duopoly and it functions via the vast corporate media squid! This whole election cycle is manipulation.

Both parties are backed by the deep state ( The ‘Israelization’ of the western world) and the main mechanism of control which has been the Fiat Currency Fractional Reserve System of banking (a global Ponzi scheme). The Rothschild’s dynasty is one of historical fact so this observation in itself is in no way anti-semitic. This system of currency arose along with a system of energy that is non-renewable and extremely polluting: fossil fuels. The fossil fuel industry’s attempt at managing their complicity in today’s toxic state of affairs is to paint bicycles (greenwashing) on the roads while at the same time advertising the sales of automobiles 24/7. It’s a very effective yet extremely cynical tactic by these propagandists and corporate masters. The obsession with driverless cars using the same 1850 polluting fuel is also very instructive of the mindset of these corporations!

Is there any way forward? No, I suspect not. We will see the continued non-stop warfare against the earth and its people by these corporate lunatics resulting in a century of chaos and destruction. The war against Islam is, in part, the continued imperialism of The Corporation, against a group of people who have built-in tribal codes which war against the corporate capitalist’s (this is a continued  war that was waged against all aboriginal people.) This is in no way an endorsement of the collectivist nightmare which is Islam which should have been allowed to develop on its own into modernity without being assaulted by the capitalist dragon.  Of course, a part of this is also, in the Middle East,  is the Greater Israel Project, along with control of the fossil fuel resources for the corporate state.

All anyone can do, IMO, is to get the hell out of the way by removing themselves from all these systems of control (a near-impossible task). But sure, if one won the lottery within this system then life couldn’t be better.

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