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This is another one on that internet somebody Adam Green published by the internet nobody andrewmarkmusic.

I’ve covered Green before HERE but I’m on it again as he gets Spookier with every show! I’m commenting on THIS one.

First off, HERE is a paper on Atheism, by Miles Mathis, and it’s a must-read. We should note that Miles does not dispute one of the core tenets of Christian Gnosticism when he deconstructs Hitchens’ narrative about the earth being an asylum for lost souls (or trapped souls). He doesn’t dispute it because it’s not an irrational supposition.

No one, it seems, is more cozy with the Rabbis than Green as he’s always in conversation with them and absolutely *NO GENTILE gets to visit Israel unless they are vetted by Israeli Intelligence.

Let me first say again that I’m a Christian Gnostic who believes the Torah is cultural BS when it comes to history, science (see Miles Mathis), and metaphysics, but I shall not argue the latter points in this blog–search my site in that regard. If that’s true, and most evidence points towards that it is true, then it’s a reasonable deduction to suggest the Torah’s malevolent little religious children are false, too. I’ve many many blogs on that issue but again I won’t argue the point here. On this point, I agree with Green.

I’m only here to point out a few things in the linked video. Adam seems to think that if he repeats the same BS over and over and over it makes it not BS! A very Jewish trait, by the way! Here is what Green omits from his analysis and I’m only going to assess this via mainstream Christian eschatology (that I don’t believe in) but neither do I omit it for hidden agendas.

He omits that the Book Of Revelations clearly describes the complete annihilation of this Jewish World Order with its BS Noahide Law system and its stolen Egyptian Temple we’ve all come to know as Solomon’s Temple. Speaking of making up BS, do you know how many wives Solomon was supposed to have had? Hundreds and thousands if you add in the concubines (ahem big BS sneeze). That aside, wouldn’t you think this was relevant? That the True God is going to annihilate this lying jewish world order?

He also omits that according to many Christian theorists, the real church and not this ** ‘fake goat-herding church’ will be raptured prior to all this spiritual BS! One might ask who it is that is ‘rapturing’ them away from worshipping Yahweh and his evil little minions. But no one is allowed to bring up these quibbles without being canceled. It ain’t Baal worship they are going to implement but very specific instructions from Yahweh when it comes to his Third Temple. I’ll add in here that Green talks from what seems to be a very carefully crafted set of parameters and it seems like he’s not allowed to talk about or explore other options that could possibly be a better fit for humanity’s circumstances.

I’ve mentioned before that Green often says that Jesus didn’t exist while at the same time insisting he was Jewish! Completely incoherent and bizarre stance to take especially from someone who repeats the word reason quite often. Maybe I can help this Spook: if Jesus didn’t exist then he wasn’t JEWISH! How hard is that to grasp? Too hard as it turns out. But the inconsistencies don’t end there as the pretext for Zionism (Jewish atheism) forcefully taking the land of Palestine was the LIE BULL…And make no mistake about the flip: it is not Gentile people waging war against the Hebrews as it is the Torah that dictates, as a foundational tenet of its belief, that the Jews are to wage perpetual war against ALL GENTILE PEOPLE!

I came across another Spook yesterday named Jeffrey Daugherty and he argues many of the same points that Green does. This goes to the false dichotomy the EL ites set up which offers humanity a choice between atheism and literal Bible religions. Endless pointless debates have been set up with the goal of turning human brains to mush–or so it seems.

One has to consider, that going by today’s behavior of this so-called Judeo-Christian culture, the 1000-Year Reich posited by Judaism is going to be the amplification of economic Pyramid and Ponzi schemes with the grifting Christian Zionists helping Yahweh to double-down on usury during that epoch! Surely that is Judeo Paradise? And surely no one has embraced usurious economics more than the Christian Zionists. Please note that once the Hebrew EL ites disposed of all the Marcionites and Gnostics in the first 3 centuries they ushered in, via Constantine, a 1000 year- feudal- rule and turned Christians into economic slaves who were kept from reading the scriptures. So wash, rinse, repeat.

By the way, this idea that the Jewish writers of the N.T. didn’t lie about Christ and its relationship to the Pleroma is nonsense. Albeit this is a Christian Gnostic take on it. It’s a fact that both the Torah and N.T. are works written by societal EL ites. In this case, Pharaonic Hebrew El ites from the Julio-Claudian-Flavian lines that had their roots in the 18th dynasty of Egypt–likely from Akhenaten’s family lines, but from many others as the Hebrew Pharaonic lines ruled via stealth. See my blog, Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality. So if one thinks these scriptures were written by uneducated fisherman then one is simply delusional.

NOTE* Whether Green is Jewish or not is irrelevant. The Jews employ numerous proxies to control the narrative and do their bidding. Disclosure is another word that is a marker for Israeli Intel. and I always say there is a universe of differences between agents disclosing agendas and spiritual truth seekers sharing spiritual gnosis. And add Harry Vox to the list–you decide what side he is on…

NOTE** On this point the malevolent archons and gods are consistent at choosing the most despicable characters as their chosen representatives as the Christian Zionist leadership is as despicable as the Hebrew patriarchs when it comes to behavior. No truly GOOD GOD would choose these bad actors as his faves. Only a spiritually blind god would do so…

Some add-ons:

I see Richard Carrier has just done a 14-hour documentary that is on the Mythvision channel. See the title of this blog for what I think of that. Don’t waste your time as you’d be better off spending the 14 hours reading Miles Mathis’ papers.

On the scam of plastic shopping bags. Yes, there are trillions of them and yes they end up in dumps pretty well everywhere. But you’re just exceptionally dumb and blind if you think the mafia food cartels care about proper garbage disposal. These new bags will ALL end up in the dumps too! So what is it about? They know that 90 trips out of 100 that people make to the grocery store will be without reusable bags as everyone on average will forget to bring them in. So do the math on that. I can guarantee they are raking in the dough on people’s forgetfulness and THEY KNOW THIS! So it’s about making MONEY! If they cared about the earth (they most assuredly DO NOT) they would use paper bags and cardboard boxes for heavier loads.

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