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This one isn’t so much about the earliest settlements of this city but rather how the city came to be known within Western theism. A Wiki link HERE on the history.

In this blog, we will loosely link it to the Persian Empire and Zoroastrianism, which is an early iteration of gnostic dualism. And it’s here where the blackwashing leaves rubber all over the metaphysical highway. So make no mistake that when the archons develop a good trope they consistently double down on it and we see that front and center today with Iran being the evilest *arch-nemesis of Zionism, or, at least rivaling Amalek.

But let’s back up a bit.

The primary narratives surrounding Babylon were multiculturalism and the MONEY POWER. There is more, but for this blog, these are the two relevant points, so this is what we will focus on. The Tower of Babel is a marker for multiculturalism and Revelation links Babylon to the MONEY POWER. See David Astles, The Babylion Woe for an example of this thinking.

But here is the problem: multiculturalism and the MONEY POWER ideas did not come from Babylon, they came from the Hebrew Pharaohs who’ve ruled the earth since the 18th dynasty 33 centuries ago. That is where this idea was birthed and it is in full implementation today. Ask yourself this: Does the money-power today use Zoroastrian symbolism as a marker for their institutions? NO! They use Egyptian icons! And Canaanites (Baal), think of the bull of Wall St. (BULL EL worship). The Egyptian and Canaanite symbolism is a marker for the hybrid Egyptian/Hebrew Royal EL ites as is the name IS RA EL. And they don’t call it the Persian Plan they call it The Kalergi Plan! Which is, of course, Judaism’s ideology being implemented via proxies and stealth. Please note that only Jewish people are allowed to live in Israel while they fund multiculturalism for everyone else.

On the spirituality immersed within these themes. The lies of Hackedemia when it comes to the spirituality of Egypt is that they were polytheists and they set up this lie so that they could falsely claim that Judaism was monotheist. The truth is that the earliest iterations of Judaism were polytheist and the early Egyptian dynasties were practicing a type of pantheism or what we call panentheism in religious studies today. So the spirituality of Egypt was a type of nature worship combined with Astrotheology. But the important point is that they were both MONIST in their metaphysics.

So these Pharaonic Hebrew EL ite bloodlines adopted the spiritual monism of traditional Egyptian cosmology and turned it into what would come to be known as Kabbalah, Hermeticism, and Freemasonry. And make no mistake about it: it is these secret orders that have control of the whole earth today. And they HATE Christian Gnostic cosmology with its stark dualism between the Christ of the Pleroma and the Demiurge of the material universe commonly understood as Yahweh. It’s incredibly important to understand that the Christ of the Pleroma preceded the demiurge in cosmological terms.

Circa to the centuries after Christ. When the Greco-Roman cultures merged Christian metaphysics into their thinking they re-established varying types of metaphysical dualism and no more so than the stark dualism of many of the schools of the Christian Gnostics–especially the Sethians. This divide between heaven and earth (spirit/consciousness and matter) was fundamental to their spiritual thinking and had many similarities to Persian Zoroastrianism. And this is the root of the blackwashing which witnessed the decimation and murder of most of those who held strong dualistic cosmologies–especially those who were skeptical of all aspects of the Torah’s claims.

So what am I saying here? Well, that HIS story has been a deception! Royal Hebrew Pharaohs have ruled civilization via stealth for 33 centuries and their lineage, within this context, was birthed during the 18th dynasty of Egypt. And, just like Egyptian metaphysics they heavily borrowed from, their preferred metaphysics is MONIST and they reject all gnostic dualism when it comes to metaphysics. Of course, other Hebrew lines that came out of Egypt created the Torah with its false history and false metaphysics which declares the demiurge as the only god of existence (monism). So this is the root of the antagonism which is still front and center today and couldn’t be more relevant. Yes, it was the Hebrew Royals that came out of Egypt that had the vision of ruling the earth via finance as represented by the pyramid and with ALL gentile people as the ‘cattle of RA’…Or, what the Torah refers to as the Goyim.

In other blogs, I’ve mentioned that I don’t make a spiritual judgment on Egypt’s early kingdoms prior to their merging with Hebrew Royals. Whether they held legitimate spiritual knowledge that they used for the GOOD OF ALL PEOPLE is something I’m agnostic on. But I’m far less agnostic on the lines of the Hebrew Pharaonic EL ites, who in my view, altered and likely corrupted a proper understanding of the spirituality of Egypt. In my view, they used any knowledge gained there as a means for political power and politics via control of the MONEY POWER and absolutely NOTHING could be more relevant today!

So, for the sake of this blog, it is ‘blame dualism’ of every sort and, in this case, blackwashing Persian metaphysics and certainly Christian Gnostic dualism when it comes to cosmology. This is especially prevalent in some of the controlled-opposition Christian channels wherein they attack viciously any ideas associated with gnostic thinking while never addressing the irrationality of most of the basic and fundamental premises of their own particular brand of Christianity. The best I can say about these channels is that they are to some degree right about much of the intentionally false gnostics out there.

There is only one true GNOSIS and that is Christ is NOT the son of the demiurge, which of course, makes these mainstream Christian channels delusional. I’d add that the reason they are there today is because there is a faction within the EL ite Kabal that wants a return of their earlier religious projects (population control) which they had thought might not be necessary anymore around the time of the 1960s. But the faction/s of the Kabal that do want the return of religion will likely win out as far as I can see.

NOTE*: One of the most prevalent teachings of the Rabbis is that Gentiles are to be enslaved and eventually exterminated spiritually. So the Torah is a declaration of war against Gentile people. There is a reason that people like E. Michael Jones say that the Torah is the enemy of the whole human race! So if everyone is an enemy of Torah ideology then everyone is going to be an enemy, right? So much for the mystery behind Rabbis saying that the Jews have many enemies! Well, yes they do! But please don’t omit WHY. Because they declared the Gentiles enemies.

Sept. 2023:

I’ve just surfed upon Charles Guliani and I’m linking his video on Plato HERE.

In other blogs, I’ve suggested that Plato was Jewish, and I came to that conclusion based upon a Christian Gnostic take on his political ideas: Fascism. No coinky-dinky. But I link this video because Charles says exactly what I’m saying here when it comes to Babylon as Misdirection. Well worth the listen.

Charles is also saying that the modern atheist movement is a cult with the leader being Jewish interests. I also took note that skepticism and critical thinking were dumped down the @#$%er when it came to the COVID scam.

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