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Here and HERE are the first blogs on this theme. And it has only gotten worse.

My definition of the scamdemic: ‘how to ^double the price of everything!’

Here is how it likely went down. Sometime between 2016 and 2019 the billionaires agreed that they needed an avenue to double the price of everything in one fell swoop. This, of course, is punishment and retribution for the incredible amount of chatter on the internet critiquing their corrupt economics–especially since 2008. They certainly couldn’t stand for that so they implemented The Plan…

It’s worth asking why the heavy-handedness in the 21st century starting with 911. The governors (a Mathis naming/I call them Archons) throughout history have been able to hide themselves and their power until the advent of the internet. For centuries, the *masses on average, had little information to draw from, so we were kept in the dark when it comes to who had power here, so we were of little threat. But the internet changed that so there had to be a severe implementation of control on a worldwide scale to deal with the threat the masses pose.

It’s worth noting my blog What Is Neoliberalism?

In it, I cover the ground wherein the MONEY POWER only needs to manufacture consent from about 20% of the population to get their eCONomic policies enacted. It’s the 1% EL ites that bought out governments via the merger of big finance/financialization (giving civilization over to the moneylending cartels) and the corporatocracy. So, in fact, by definition, they have manufactured consent for their newest model of fascism. These people are anything but stupid (they are only dumb and blind spiritually) and they know they have offered about 10% of humanity the best lifestyles ever imagined–but it’s all via covert manipulation of populations.

Now who is behind this new money power (policy) that Hudson (see below) talks about? Well, the new boss is the same as the old boss. They have humanity convinced of the incoherent philosophy of materialism alongside having us convinced that we are no more than talking monkeys frolicking in frisky dirt. That is the left side of the Kabal especially active in the east over the past century–communism. In the West, it’s Zionism and Kaballah with all its partners and proxies. You see, these new policies are not about talking monkeys at all but are really about removing the ‘curse of work’ in the Torah. Make no mistake about the hidden motivation, while they convince you of being nothing more than dirt, they are at the same time implementing ‘Torah financial policy’ covertly–or not so covertly since 911.

In Kabbalah, it’s called Tikkun and money is a huge aspect of their philosophy; so much so that they’ve created a neo-caste system in the West, and if you struggle financially you are to blame for being spiritually inept and inferior (according to them). This is a primary reason we are seeing an epidemic of homelessness within Western civilization. The New Economic Model of Financialization in the West has just as often than not created an eCONomic grift culture. We should call this the dark side of Passive Income seeking.

I’d like to address why, as a Christian Gnostic, I reject left-wing economics. Here is a video by Dr. Michael Hudson and he gets ^most of it right. But put aside the scam of **C.C. which is simply an avenue for the billionaire EL ites to imprison everyone via taxation and credit scores, etc. And notice he will omit any analysis that would specifically address the ^Jewish question. I reject BOTH the left/right structure as they are obviously partners in economic crime from a spiritual point of view. But again, most of his stances on economics, in general, are correct.

Which, from the point of view of this blog, is more Intel. Inc. disclosure, which is the opposite of spiritual enlightenment. Another point to consider is one that Miles Mathis brings up at times. I rarely comment on a person’s looks but Miles has pointed out that Intel. Inc. uses the most repelling type of people when the intention is to blackwash ideas–especially economic ideas linked to spiritual health, truth, and wisdom. CBC in CAINada are masters at this, too–how to hide eCONomic fascism and dress it in the drag of (Il) liberalism with the most unappealing media characters.

An add-on here addressing another fallout of the Kalergi Plan: seniors in the West are now starting to be blocked from avenues of escape. This is NO ACCIDENT. In large part these so-called ExPats are white and their cultures have been given over to the multiculturalism of the Kalergi Plan. But we are now seeing traditional avenues of escape being shut down as countries alter their immigration policies blocking white retirees from entering. Notice this also protects their countries from multiculturalism but does nothing to stop the huge amount of foreign immigrants into Western nations.

Note^ in many instances tripled. There was a juice I used to buy in 2019 for $4.99 a liter. I saw it today for $14.99. Same with honey and many many other products. But on the juice: I was making my own ginger ale this winter and it was better than anything store-bought. The cost for about 4 liters? About $2.00. The same 4 liters as per above? $60.00! An evil shameful price gouging by the mafia food cartels.

NOTE* about 100 years ago the sheer numbers of the working class did present a threat to them but 2 world wars took care of that.

NOTE** mandatory that leftists have to mention it. And just a note that I’m 64 and have not seen one government policy that makes one iota of sense if CC was real as presented by the media. In fact, EVERYTHING they do when it comes to policy is inverted. Like I said in another blog, ‘We are all going to die from C.C. so let’s make life unaffordable!’

NOTE^ Hudson, although understanding the problems of predatory usury, is misdirecting, and in my view, I find it difficult to believe that is an innocent error. He calls the Hiburu/Hebrew Shepards simple and humble merchants who would never hurt a soul! Is it just a coincidence that this has been the Hollywood portrayal of Hebrews for 100 years? Nope! If that were true then the narrative that they were warriors who conquered Egypt is false–so more 2+2=3. Again, look at America today: who are these oligarchs in power? Greeks? NOPE! Italians? NOPE! It turns out, if you have honest vision, that they are Hebrews! So the word oligarch itself in his use is a type of misdirection.

On the Jubilee: where is the evidence today that Judaism has one iota of interest in a Jubilee specifically targeted at gentile nations? DOES NOT EXIST! And I doubt it existed in the past, as the Jubilee, like most things Judaic, was borrowed from the Egyptians and was a celebration of the Pharaoh’s rule.

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