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HERE is a link to the video I’m commenting on.

My comments:

She is incorrect right from the get-go…The demiurge was rooted in Egypt long before the Greeks got there although they named Egypt after PTAH–the demiurge in one of the Egyptian schools.

This is where St. Peter came from and why the obelisk sits @ St PTAH’s Sq…I suspect the reason why she parrots Hackedemia’s view that GNOSIS was just a zit within the first few centuries of the common era is that it blocks any inquiry into the Egyptian roots of Jewish spirituality and make no mistake that that is exactly the source of Kabbalah…And Judaism: see my Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality blog…

She does get most of it correct though. But please note the Archons today are the moneylending cartels and this was known as the mark of the beast (Yaldabaoth) in Revelations–which is only true in part, as Christ was not a Hebrew (see DOCETISM)…

Well, what they won’t tell you is that Plato was Hebrew! As was Alexander, but one has to do much research to get there. But Alexander was really Alexandria! Get It?

It’s probably no accident that she doesn’t cover the Jewish Question within the context of GNOSIS nor does she cover the eCONomic mark of the beast system which is front and center today (Hebrew eCONomics)….

What she says at the end isn’t really true, is it? All inquiry into the nature of reality is blocked once one discusses the Jewish Question and eCONomic mark of the beast system. So there are definitely metaphysical no-go zones that the Archons have set up which serve their agenda.

I’ll expand on this in the coming week but I just wanted to get this up as there is nothing more important today.


I’ll add THIS video, too, as Gnosticism is becoming mainstream today as people search for answers in reaction to the eCONomic insanity of the Archons.

It’s from the channel ancient Egypt and the Bible.

My comment:

I appreciate this work. But I agree with everything zelenisok said in his comments on this thread. In my view it was Jewish gnostics that were antinomian and that makes sense as it’s a rebellion against the law; we even see this today with the Sabbateans. Christian Gnostics have no use for the laws in the Torah and are ambivalent towards them but don’t practice rebellion against them as that would be a fruitless endeavor. Then there is the seeming omission that the Torah’s god is inept and malevolent but this has no lived relevance to the Jewish people–just honest and humble merchants who would never hurt a fly. And this issue informs my take on Gnosticism as a Christian Docetist. In my view, there WERE people in that era that knew the MONEY POWER in those times were EL ite Hebrews who ruled via stealth (Deep State today). And they also knew that the history presented in the Torah was largely made up and borrowed. The only other thing I’ll add here is that mysticism is not GNOSIS proper–see my blog with that title. But I totally agree with you that Gnosticism writ large was rooted in Egyptian spirituality.

Here is the problem with this channel: if the Torah was true no one should have to dispute whether the earth is flat or round; whether God is one thing or three things; whether there was an Exodus or when, and on and on. WHY? Because that God declares itself the author of reason and of ALL truth. Obviously, this CANNOT be given the endless disputes and controversies. The truth is if this God exists it is the author of chaos and confusion and the state of civilization today proves it (civilizational chaos).

Again, there is one common denominator with Youtube gnostics: that Gnosticism has no relation to the Jewish Question nor has anything to say about eCONomics…This is patently false in every way imaginable and this should prove to anyone with an ounce of common sense that that is because the corrupt moneylending cartels control all the narratives about religion–especially Youtube as that is what it was created for–controlling the narratives via algorithmic manipulation.

First add-on: let’s look at what it would mean if Third Temple Judaism is correct and come to pass (it will). The Eye of RA bbi’s will control ALL gentile nations at that point and declare the Trinity version of Christ as anathema with a concurrent death sentence! But the most important thing to understand is this will in no way be Baal worship as Third Temple Judaism will be dictated specifically on Yahweh’s command. So how can he be the father Christ spoke of? And how can Christ be FOR the Gentile nations when it’s clear Judaism will enslave Gentile nations combined with teaching that the Gentile’s ultimate destiny is spiritual annihilation? At this point, one HAS to concede that this version of Jesus is an imposter come to deceive the Gentile nations! Adam Green over @ KNOWMORENEWS covers this all the time and it’s the ONE thing he is definitely correct on.

And on the flip side, how can the RCC version of Jesus be correct given the above truisms? It can’t and two wrongs never equal right! This version of Jesus failed to communicate its tripartite nature to the Hebrews over the span of millennia and it wasn’t an obscure idea as Moses would have been intimate with the Egyptian Trinity’s. So all this Jesus had to tell Moses is I’m just like the Egyptian Trinity but Jewish! And then there is the issue of Pagan blood sacrifice that Yahweh is supposed to HATE but couldn’t come up with a better idea about how to save humanity from error and (sin). And we even see this nonsense in the naming of his supposed chosen ones after his supposed arch nemesis in Egypt) IS RA EL…I was trolled heavily by the tribe in a previous blog when I suggested Yahweh might have called his fave nation WISCONSIN!

NOPE! That is all 2+2=3! To dispel the fog of the money lending cartels religions one has to understand that Christ is an AEON that preceded the demiurge (Yaldabaoth/Yahweh) within the context of cosmological time! When one understands that then one can see that both religions are FALSE!

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