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‘I’m just a dumb spiritual hippie’…

Or what they pejoratively call a ‘Midwit’…

It’s my contention, in this blog, that a core group of spiritually *dumb and blind Mensas has hijacked Western civilization while stripping it of moral human decency and replacing moral human decency with amoral financial metrics that feed the ‘mark of the financial beast system’…Or, the e CON omic machine/matrix.

So, yes…to begin with, this is an assessment from the view of Christian Gnosis and my critique is largely aimed at Jewish atheist actors (and sectors) that control, via amorality, the *West (and humanity’s greater civilization in general) via the way it implements financial policy (and control and distribution of money via usury).

In short, they’ve done this via number crunching combined with what is called Utilitarian/Consequentialist moral philosophy wherein the ends always justify the means no matter how amoral, immoral, or unethical. As long as the outcomes succeed in creating a society premised on Jewish interests then it’s all good!

These people have what could be termed presuppositional bias’ towards treating humanity and the resources of the earth as nothing more than cogs within the international finance machine that their financially obsessed minds have total control over. I’ve argued in other blogs that this is a secular (worldwide religion of money ($). And like all religions, you are sure to be gaslighted if you fail to meet the standards of the e CON omic Archons that rule this earth’s shitshow! Hey literally, have they ever quantified how much poop per day gets created on this earth? What I can tell you as a Midwit is that it’s BS., MS., and! In an upcoming long overdue video I’m going to attempt to suss out the Christian Gnostic notion that Christ held called Anti-Natalism. This will be another attempt or avenue proving that Christ was not Jewish nor was he endorsing Judaism–the exact opposite is true from this perspective of Christian Gnosis.

At the root of this spiritual sickness is the idea that everything has to be monetized and that they should be in total control of the monetization of everything while inventing ways to extract percentages of every financial exchange made by anyone anywhere on the earth. This is a logical and likely only outcome of the atoms in the void philosophy when applied to economics as it turns every individual (and object) into nothing more than ‘bubbled automatons of consumerism’. The individual, at this point, has no connection to anything but the financial machine or ‘economic matrix’. One might also say, at this point, that humans are now wired into what I’ve called the Jewish-Hivemind-Egrigore whose ultimate end is an A.I.-run technocracy.

In previous blogs, I’ve coughed up a way out of this sickness by suggesting new healthy boundaries around world economics which would, in essence, create TWO ECONOMIES, one would be what I call a residential economy with the foundation being the four basic needs of every human: food, homes, healthcare, and education: I call these the Four Pillars of a New Earth Commons. Juxtaposed to this new residential economy would be our current extremely exploitative economy and we could call this the COMMERCIAL economy and it could exist as it exists now.

If anyone is familiar with the idea of problem/reaction/solution then one might be able to see that the Plandemic was used to double (and triple) the price of everything and has been the largest transfer of wealth into the 13 Illuminati families in world HIS story. One solution to Gentiles not being able to afford basic living needs is to have EL ites own everything and have everyone rent from them: the ultimate goal of Marxist State Run Capitalism–or so it could be argued. How this plays out isn’t a given as it could end up looking more like the Hunger Games with a diabolical and decadent EL ite creating a massive 2-tiered neo-feudal order.

A note here that to whatever degree the N.T. answered the question of how Christians should live their economic lives we can be sure that Christ wasn’t teaching the communism of State-run Marxism which is an outcome of materialist philosophies. The idea that early Christians were practicing communism is absurd. Do you really think they were asking the Romans to control their means of production?

NOTE* The general idea within Christian Gnostic thought is that the Demiurge has created soulless entities referred to as Hylics. The material creation was also referred to as an abortion (cosmic error). We should also consider that science isn’t qualified to answer spiritual questions so all scientists can do is cough up personal opinions about what they think reality is or isn’t. I’ll link Miles Mathis’ paper on atheism again HERE as he covers this ground better than I do. But I’ve also argued that I don’t find sufficient reason to believe the assertions of these Hylics as they intersect with complexity (the spokespersons thereof) –especially given the corrupt nature of this earth and especially the corrupt nature of modern e CON omics.

Another important element of all these messes is the notion propagated by postmodern philosophy that the only true objective morality is POWER–so everything is reduced to power relations and the only right is who controls the power. This is nowhere more evident than in the Middle East within the dynamic relations between Palestinians and Israelis. All moral concerns are reduced to Israeli power as the only legitimate criteria for assessing what is right and wrong. This power lever is no more apparent than in the zionist control of world media wherein morality is flipped and the victims in an open-air prison (a metaphor for the earth) are seen as the terrorists. While the Archons in Israel are seen as morally righteous.

NOTE** Historically it would be atheist Zionists in the West and Marxists in the East. I’ve come across a handful of Rabbis who correctly teach that this modern iteration of Israel created by the Freemasons aligned with the Rothschilds is an abomination and should have never happened. I’m happy to see there are a few Rabbis who still have an ounce of decency and common sense.

($) below is from THIS site:

The Slavery Theory

There have been claims that the dollar symbol, $, is derived from the words for “slave” and “nail” in Spanish (or in Latin, according to one version of this theory that posits an earlier date for the invention of the symbol). The shackles worn by slaves could be locked by a nail which was passed through the rings or loops at the ends of the shackle and bent while it was still hot and malleable. The Spanish for slave is esclavo and for “nail” is clavo. Therefore the “S” with a nail, $, or S-clavo = esclavo or slave.

Slaves constituted a store of wealth and as a result, the abbreviation for slaves that slave-owners used in their account books came to represent money.

This seems like the kind of explanation that would be popular with conspiracy theorists. It does not seem to be very popular in printed sources, at least not in English language ones, but I (Roy Davies) have seen it on the Internet and was also told it by someone who said he had heard it from a Latin-American economist and an American history professor. 

In my view, this assessment aligns with spirituality especially those of the Christian Gnostics.

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