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‘What old age does to people is evil in every way.’

This is perhaps one of the most controversial and difficult subjects within all of spiritual inquiry.

I couldn’t hope to shed much light on the subject but I’ll do a series offering up my muse on the topic.

It does kind of come down to what this place we live in is and that is not an easy inquiry. I would first say that the idea itself is extremely counter-intuitive and runs against all our primary programming when it comes to our species and how it survives. But one of the questions that arises in my mind on this theme is whether the programming is itself manipulative and implanted by a malevolent higher architect-type figure–after all it does want to keep us here if we are a food source for its being–think Matrix here, and Loosh

But I’ve not decided definitively about such things or what this place is. One of my early reads as a lad was the Urantia book and although I reject it for many reasons one of the ideas that stuck with me is when it suggested the natural universe itself isn’t that problematic until it intersects with humans on this earth. Although I get that that stance can be problematic, too, I also tend to think it’s a decent point. But I’ll attempt to cover as much ground as I can in this series. Just a note it might not be humans that are the problem per se whether analyzed via the Urantia book or other spiritual systems; but rather, it could be some kind of non-human malevolence that makes our existence on Earth so problematic.–a quarantined earth as synonymous with a fallen one.

If we define the term loosely and relate it to the idea of a fallen earth, spiritually speaking, within that context, humans are not to be friends with the world. And this is EXACTLY what Christ taught on many different occasions so it wasn’t just a one-off flippancy. In fact, Buddhism shares many of the same ideas.

I’ll cover more on this in another post but I’ve often thought that Christian Gnosis is the missing link when it comes to moderns (humans) and spirituality no matter how much atheists (often Jewish in interest) insist that Christianity to atheism is the only option–NO! There is an in-between choice called Christian Gnosis and having it labeled as heresy no longer works. I’d suggest there would be little left in the New Testament if one omitted all the Gnostic themes contained therein from the idea of ‘baby Christians; to the idea that Satan controls the WHOLE earth; that Christ’s kingdom is not of this earth; to not partaking in usurious economics, and on and on.

In my first video, I made a delineation about my own life as it intersects with thought and thinking as my early years were one where I was raised in a ‘liberal secular culture’ that influenced much of my thinking (or programming) as a young man. In my early forays into vlogging, I did a video called, Sex, Porn, and Prostitution which covers this ground. But I’ve aged and became a spiritualist via experience as life went on and eventually found that Christian Gnosticism cleared much of the fog when it came to the claims of the religions of Abraham–Yahweh is Satan.

In the first video, it’s critical to understand that I’m speaking from the perspective of the perfection or fullness of the Pleroma as it views this material existence created or ruled by the demiurge and its archons. One would have to read the Apocryphon of John to get a sense of the cosmology I’m speaking about. I won’t repeat everything I said in the video here other than to say the sex act itself is *disgusting from the perspective of the Pleroma as both male and female sexual organs are used for human waste. You really need to think about that from the perspective of GOOD intelligent design and from that perspective it’s more 2+2=3. It’s one of my quibbles when it comes to the ‘best possible world’ theory in philosophy. Really?

In my second video, I will argue that there is zero chance that the Aeon Christ and Sophia had sex here on this earth (and fathered a secret royal bloodline). They, of course, would be horrified by the very thought of it as Aeons of the Pleroma. This is another line of argumentation that offers evidence that Christ was not Jewish nor here to fulfill the Torah’s law (lessness). But, in my research, and view, I do think the fake Jesus and Mary did exactly that and their toxic bloodlines still rule the earth today. Just a note that if researchers like Atwill and Elliis can suggest a 40-year timeline manipulation in our direction then it seems congruent to me that it would be just as easy to manipulate 40 years in the other direction and that gets us to the Julio-Claudian line of Julius Ceasar and his son Caesarion. But this is only a pet theory I hold. However, in my view, one is either naive or hopelessly indoctrinated to think that they couldn’t pull this off because doing so made them invisible to the masses for a very long time.

One of the most important issues surrounding humanity today in ‘the age of jewish supremacy’ is how it intersects with what I’ll call *‘soft anti-natalist views’…And this goes especially to their control of central banking and usury which are both unsustainable in their present trajectory. We should ask ourselves if it’s proper from a spiritual point of view to hand our children over to the usurious central banking cartels. Let me give one example: women. If you think for one second that the rise of so-called female freedom in modernity had anything to do with anything other than being able to loan money and tax women then you are beyond spiritual help. That is the ROOT of why this happened but it was also about destroying the traditional family unit because families create community which can create resistance to tyranny. They couldn’t have that so we are now solely isolated automatons of consumerism–this is our primary utility here, that and maybe batteries for less-than-stellar gods.

This is a huge part of the so-called housing crisis because it was only a short while ago that two people could share a house. Now those two people each need their own homes and make no mistake about it that that is because two people have to then take out a mortgage instead of one. Of course, there is more to it than that as artificial scarcity has always been a gambit of the usurers.

NOTE* at nearly 65 my views on sex align with how the Stoics viewed it. Do your own research.

NOTE* It isn’t so much about not birthing children but rather what kind of society you are birthing them into. A techno-feudal society run via jewish supremacy aimed at turning all Gentiles into economic slaves (at best) might be cause to consider the why of childbirth. Look at the children in Palestine today as one example. But there is likely a more sinister reason for all this madness if the jewish EL ites are the Archons attempting to permanently trap the spark of the divinity of the Pleroma within their materialist construct which is an attempt at bypassing the reincarnation template. Y’all really need to pause and consider what is going on here. And, yes…they call this slavery ‘saving the world’, or Tikkun.

To end here I’ll link this video: Technofeudalism: Explaining to Slavoj Zizek why I think capitalism has evolved into something worse…By Yanis Varoufakis.

Of course, neither of the philosophers is allowed to say the ‘J’ word but I’ve also said many times that there is a universe of difference between Intelligence assets disclosing information and spiritualists sharing ‘enlightenment’ views.

Some thoughts to muse on by a commenter on the video:


4 months ago (edited)”Techno-feudalism is a term that has been used to describe the emerging socio-economic structure in which technology and data are controlled by a few powerful entities, leading to a feudal-like society. Here are 50 pieces of information about techno-feudalism:


1. **Origin**: The term “techno-feudalism” is a combination of the words “technology” and “feudalism,” referring to the historical social and economic system prevalent in medieval Europe.

2. **Concept**: It is a theoretical framework that explores the intersection of technology, society, and power dynamics.

3. **Emergence**: Techno-feudalism has emerged as a result of the rapid development and widespread adoption of digital technologies and communication platforms.

4. **Economic Inequality**: This system is characterized by significant economic inequality, with a few powerful entities controlling the majority of resources.

5. **Data as a Resource**: In techno-feudalism, data is considered a valuable resource, similar to land in feudal societies.

6. **Data Ownership**: The ownership and control of data are concentrated among a few tech giants, such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft.

7. **Surveillance Capitalism**: This system is closely related to the concept of surveillance capitalism, which refers to the commodification of personal data for profit.

8. **Platform Economy**: The platform economy, driven by companies like Uber and Airbnb, has further entrenched techno-feudalism.

9. **Power Imbalance**: Techno-feudalism involves a significant power imbalance between the few entities that control technology and data and the vast majority of users.

10. **Network Effects**: Network effects contribute to the rise of techno-feudalism, as users gravitate towards the most popular platforms, further consolidating power in the hands of a few.

11. **Algorithmic Governance**: Algorithmic governance, or the use of algorithms and data to make decisions, is a key characteristic of techno-feudalism.

12. **Automation**: The rise of automation and artificial intelligence has accelerated the shift towards techno-feudalism, as it increases the dependence on technology and data.

13. **Digital Divide**: The digital divide, or the gap between those who have access to technology and those who do not, exacerbates the inequalities inherent in techno-feudalism.

14. **Surveillance**: In techno-feudalism, surveillance is pervasive, with tech companies and governments collecting large amounts of personal data.

15. **Loss of Privacy**: The widespread collection and analysis of personal data in techno-feudalism leads to a significant loss of privacy for individuals.

16. **Data Monetization**: The monetization of personal data is a key aspect of techno-feudalism, as companies profit from collecting and analyzing user information.

17. **Data Brokers**: Data brokers, who collect and sell personal data, are an integral part of the techno-feudalism economy.

18. **Targeted Advertising**: Targeted advertising, which relies on user data for customization, is a major revenue source for tech giants in this system.

19. **Behavioral Manipulation**: Techno-feudalism can lead to behavioral manipulation, as companies use personal data to influence user behavior for their own benefit.

20. **Echo Chambers**: The algorithmic curation of content on social media platforms can create echo chambers that reinforce existing beliefs and contribute to social polarization.

21. **Platform Dependency**: Users become increasingly dependent on platforms and services provided by tech giants, reinforcing the techno-feudal power dynamics.

22. **Monopolies**: The concentration of power in a few tech companies can lead to monopolistic practices, limiting competition and stifling innovation.

23. **Regulation**: The techno-feudal system has prompted calls for stronger regulation of tech companies, including antitrust measures and data privacy laws.

24. **Data Portability**: Data portability, allowing users to transfer their data between platforms, is seen as a potential solution to break the power of tech giants.

25. **Decentralization**: Decentralized technologies, such as blockchain, offer an alternative to the centralized control of data in techno-feudalism.

26. **Digital Sovereignty**: The concept of digital sovereignty, or nations controlling their own digital infrastructure, has gained traction as a response to techno-feudalism.

27. **Data Localization**: Some countries have implemented data localization laws, requiring companies to store user data within national borders, as a way to assert control over their digital economy.

28. **Digital Rights**: The recognition and protection of digital rights, such as privacy and freedom of expression, are essential in countering techno-feudalism.

29. **Worker Rights**: The gig economy, which is closely linked to the platform economy, raises concerns about worker rights and protections in a techno-feudal society.

30. **Digital Literacy**: Promoting digital literacy can empower individuals to better navigate and understand the implications of techno-feudalism.

31. **Public Interest Technology**: The development of public interest technology, or technology designed to serve the public good, can offer an alternative to corporate-controlled technologies.

32. **Open Source**: Open-source software and platforms can provide alternatives to proprietary systems and help counter the concentration of power in techno-feudalism.

33. **Cooperativism**: Platform cooperativism, where platforms are owned and governed by their users, offers a potential alternative to the techno-feudal model.

34. **Data Trusts**: Data trusts, or legal structures that hold and manage data for the benefit of users, can be a means to redistribute control over data.

35. **Ethical AI**: Ensuring the development of ethical AI is crucial in preventing further entrenchment of techno-feudalism and its associated inequalities.

36. **Smart Cities**: The rise of smart cities, which rely heavily on data and technology, can exacerbate techno-feudalism if not managed responsibly.

37. **Internet Governance**: The governance of the Internet, including domain names and IP addresses, can play a role in shaping the techno-feudal landscape.

38. **Net Neutrality**: The principle of net neutrality, which ensures equal access to the internet, is essential in preserving a level playing field in the digital economy.

39. **Digital Activism**: Digital activism plays a crucial role in raising awareness about techno-feudalism and advocating for change.

40. **Techno-Solutionism**: Techno-solutionism, or the belief that technology can solve all social problems, can contribute to the rise of techno-feudalism.

41. **Technological Determinism**: Technological determinism, or the belief that technology shapes society, can reinforce techno-feudal power dynamics.

42. **Techlash**: The growing public backlash against tech giants, or “techlash,” reflects increasing awareness of the problems associated with techno-feudalism.

43. **Global Impact**: Techno-feudalism is a global phenomenon, affecting societies around the world. 44. **Digital Colonialism**: Techno-feudalism has been compared to digital colonialism, as powerful entities extract resources (data) from less powerful regions.

45. **National Security**: The concentration of data and technology in the hands of a few entities raises national security concerns, as it can make countries vulnerable to cyberattacks and espionage. 46. **Democracy**: Techno-feudalism can threaten democratic processes, as the concentration of power and manipulation of information can undermine free and fair elections.

47. **Social Cohesion**: The inequalities and polarization associated with techno-feudalism can erode social cohesion and contribute to societal unrest.

48. **Environmental Impact**: The environmental impact of digital technologies, such as e-waste and energy consumption, is an often overlooked aspect of techno-feudalism.

49. **Future Developments**: The evolution of techno-feudalism will likely be shaped by advances in technology, such as quantum computing and biotechnology, as well as political and social responses to the issue.

50. **Ongoing Debate**: The concept of techno-feudalism remains a subject of ongoing debate among scholars, policymakers, and activists, with various perspectives on its implications and potential solutions.” By CHATGPT

All of this begs the question of who has the correct spiritual gnosis? I won’t attempt to answer that here but the one thing I will say is if a proclaimed Gnostic does not offend the moneylending cartels then the person is a FAKER (when it comes to gnosis). In fact, any version of Christianity that embraces usurious capitalism is wholly polluted and co-opted by the usurious cartels. Kinda makes sense of the gong show of American (Jewish-controlled) Christianity…

2024: I see the Pope has come out and endorsed the carnal sex act as ‘divine’. Congrats to the RCC for taking about 2000 to endorse a view that is consistent with Judaism as not much else about Christianity is. Ask any Rabbi if I’m wrong about that.

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