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Roger has just made a beautiful humanitarian-themed video on the crimes of Israel and I want to comment on it.

There are two primary points I’d like to comment on. The first is *Netanyahoo’s message to the U.N. in September where he told everyone his intention by showing a map of The Greater Israel Project. You’d think that after 100 years of this B.S. (not to mention the Torah), people would start to see that the patterns have meaning and it ain’t that hard to figure it out. But apparently, it ain’t so. To the degree that this blindness is ‘innocent,’ I’d have to point people to my blog on Marcion yesterday. Marcion taught that there is a veil of blindness that covers every aspect of the Old Testament and its people. The point is every aspect of these current events was planned well in advance and there seems to be a hidden law that states these people have to openly declare their intentions albeit in many different obscured ways–see the cartoon The Simpsons that cough up tons of predictive programming. A fellow Decoder has given me the green light to link his video on this point.

The second is his seemingly unquestionable allegiance to historical narratives. Here is a link to Benjamin Freedman’s speech in New York in 1962. Facts have never been spoken so clearly and succinctly. Let me highlight some of the main points and I’ll add CAPS to get the point across.


So the Jews did a 180 and in doing so also manipulated all the narratives about Germany in that century stripping all the context out of why the Germans acted the way they did. After WW2 Hollywood went into full-time propaganda mode backing up all the lies of their rewriting of history.

HERE is a documentary called Promises and Betrayal and the British Elite. It backs up everything Freedman said. It’s clear, that in the Balfour Declaration, no harm was to come to the Palestinians although that was a concession to a previous agreement with the Arabs. The Jews 100% KNEW this and that by the spirit of the declaration (admittedly not good) they were supposed to do no harm or displace the Palestinians.

Go to 34:22 of the video that says the Zionists traveled to Palestine in April 1918. Just as the PANDEMIC started. There are no coincidences on Conspiracy Lane…

I know Roger won’t like this but I have to reference a sentence by E Michael Jones who correctly says that anti-Semitism’s real definition is ‘anything the Jews don’t like!’ Or anyone. And that goes to the Jew, Paul, whom Marcion interpreted correctly. The Jews to this day attack other Jews whom they don’t like and add Benjamin Freedman to the long list. So the Jews hate and attack anyone who tells the truth about spirituality or history.

I’d ask Roger to imagine what he would feel if after he released some of his music and lyrics it was responded to by bankrupting him and having physical violence done to him. Such is my case although I don’t think of myself as a victim but rather a truth warrior and all wars have their casualties.

Here is an example of my lyrics which the Jews didn’t like.

Didn’t I always tell you, didn’t I always say; didn’t I always warn you, things would always end this way? 2+2=3 in my tragedies…This is my Hell, it’s where I fell, why can’t you tell, this is my hell…Follow me down through the light that shines, follow me down to the ties that bind, follow me down till the end of time…etc.

This all has me thinking about a rational and coherent version of how antisemitism should be defined.

I’ll get back to you shortly on that. DONE HERE...

NOTE*: the last I heard about this war criminal is that he was supposed to be put in jail for crimes he committed just like Trump is supposed to be. Of course, this is all Hollywood script writing and it really comes as no surprise that he resurfaces to manipulate the HIVE MIND of the Jews into the usual irrational fury. The pandemic showed how submissive they are to their pathological EL ites whose symbolism is nearly all Egyptian in origin. But the Jews in general don’t care about such trivial facts…


My 2017 post…

Hi, I wanted to do a post on free will and determinism, or free will, chance, and necessity, and came across a video by Roger Waters as I was thinking about these ideas. And go figure…I might add that this is one of the most complex topics in philosophy, science, and religion and a blog post by a high school drop-out will hardly do the topic justice; nevertheless, I will argue the veracity of my points with the caveat that all metaphysics described herein are speculations and I assert nothing as dogmatic fact.

This is a video of Waters talking Israel. Waters is assuredly correct in his analysis of the situation surrounding Israel and the Palestinians–he couldn’t be more right! It’s an intolerable situation from any logical and rational analysis. But that isn’t what this post is about….

I don’t necessarily like to pigeonhole people but I think it’s probably accurate to describe Waters as a leftist materialist, no? Please correct me if I’m presumptuous and wrong here but the rest of this post will be premised on this assessment.

There are two issues here and I’ll cover the first one briefly. The first is a pragmatist ethics of how societies should behave, act, and function. The most advanced society would be premised on secular ideals with the rule of law enacted by the very best interpretations of human reason and logic. If such a society were to exist it would lay a safe foundation with ground rules which would work towards a society wherein human beings could realize their full potential and explore safely the ultimate concern of being human: what is the nature of reality? So far so good…

Upon reflection it may be worth comparing the society we have to the one just mentioned: Go shopping! While billionaires hire private armies to commit heinous acts of murder all around the earth and please make it a priority to be entertained by celebrities and athletes while all your dignities are slowly stripped away by these archons.

Here’s the rub though, and yes, it affects all of us! Mr. Waters is a slave to his ego! And guess what? His ego has convinced him that he has free will! And this is the root cause of all the mayhem on this planet.  No! Not Roger’s ego, dumbass! OUR egos! Now, will leftist materialists ever consider and accept this truism? Probably not! But that doesn’t change reality which is ultimately transcendental compared to this illusionary construct. Well now, the hornet’s nest has been poked and I guess this will need some unpacking…

Leftist materialists have reduced life to what Wilber calls ‘frisky dirt’–or, Flatland. It’s here that the human ego achieved its most convoluted imprisonment. But really, it had helped in that premodern religion was inculcated with every manner of irrationality, illogic, and superstition. This problem, of course, was elucidated by Enlightenment thinkers applying logic and reason to the earth’s religious traditions claims, and what they found was that it annihilates most of them, but crucially, and this is the most important aspect of Flatland –it doesn’t annihilate all spiritual claims…

The truth of the matter is that everything here is determined and your free will is an illusion that doesn’t exist in reality. In fact, you’ve likely been trapped in this construct for a very long time and the fruits of this imprisonment have become rotten. And this rot is being played out on the world stage.

I’m not going to get into the ultimate metaphysical reality because Siddhartha was correct when he counseled not to go into this arena, but that isn’t to say it doesn’t exist! I’ll only say that it’s my belief that we live a multi-dimensional existence and that, IMO, we don’t have souls–but rather, are living souls! But what’s a fact is that the human ego is separated from its source and there is no free will that can ever put Humpty Dumpty back together again. This truism makes Judaism wrong, Christianity wrong, Islam wrong, Hinduism’s caste system wrong, and Buddhism as its played out over the centuries hasn’t fared much better. From this perspective, the most foolish doctrine on the planet is the idea that God will ‘calcify’ your ego forever…

These religious machinations over time are the work of the Archons who control this illusionary construct. Western theism is their masterpiece and they’ve sewn falsity into the eastern traditions and obscured the truth about the human ego and its relationship to ultimate reality. They’ve even convinced you by manipulation to return to their prison camp over and over again. But you’re not here because of freewill ego choices and their associated karmas–you’re here because you’ve been duped into believing their bullshit! And modernity hasn’t freed us from their B.S.!

Here’s the truth: you want illusion to be reified; you want the impossible! You want proof! But the only thing you’ll get in that regard is the White Rabbit–you should follow it! The veil is being lifted and the revelation of the Kristo’s is at hand.

Here are some questions you might ask: what are the latest scientific understandings of free will? It’s an illusion! Oh, yes, you have the ability to choose a ham sandwich or oatmeal for breakfast but these are inconsequential to your relationship to ultimate reality. And it’s here the Archons wove their mischief into the eastern traditions.

Was there a religious narrative in the past that assessed reality correctly? Yes, Christian Gnosticism knew that free will was an illusion; that Kristos didn’t die for your sins; that you are imprisoned in a false construct; and that you have the ability to fully realize these truths if you truly seek wisdom.

And like the Ouroboros this post circles back to its beginnings and Israel. The Demiurge will have its day but no one is obligated to play its game. Seek truth tenaciously and life’s illusions will vanish! Follow logic and reason as far as they will take you but know the truth transcends but is not contradicted by these frail human faculties! Above all escape the bondage of the human ego with its associated dramas, sufferings, attachments, and delusions.

Will leftist materialists consider what’s written in this post? Most likely not–which puts them in direct confrontation with reality.

I’ll end by asking Mr. Waters a question: what does he think Israel will give the world for its seventieth birthday?

I’ll leave you with this to ponder:

Bhagavad Gita
5.8-9: A person in the divine consciousness, although engaged in seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, eating, moving about, sleeping, and breathing,
always knows within himself
that he actually does nothing at all.
Because while speaking, evacuating, receiving, or opening or closing his eyes,
he always knows that
only the material senses are engaged with their objects and that
he is aloof from them.

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