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My vlogging these days is less than stellar.

HERE is what I’m commenting on. The Youtuber, Morgue...

So the main points:

Women are being programmed by the central banking cartels to take on the worst attributes of the male species–this is not an advancement, in my opinion. Usury and porn is not saving anyone in the greater scheme of things. I should point out also that the patriarchy stretched far beyond any Christian borders.

This inverting of the social order is an experiment in disruption and is likely unsustainable when it comes to ecology and the environment–this is regardless of whether god/s exists or not. My upcoming post on anti-natalism will cover this ground although I’ve called it ‘soft-antinatalism’ within this context.

Lilith, within some gnostic schools, is the consort of Samael who in some schools is synonymous with Yaldabaoth. Within this context, it isn’t possible, especially within a Sethian school, to view her as of the same order as Sophia and Barbelo.

There is the added problem of The Son Of Man who would not approve of what the moneylending cartels have done to women today. So why would Sophia act against him? This is not an endorsement of injunctions made against women in the New Testament whose naming itself is an error. So there are more false dichotomies at play here which is a trademark of the archons.

Teaching women to commit ‘spiritual crime’ within the field of economics is one of the worst things that could happen. Normalizing ‘casino economics’–which is our model today, is anti-Christ and would not be taught by Sophia or Barbelo. So the video is unable to make simple distinctions between what is good and evil when it comes to this demiurgic construct and the Pleroma. This is an example of why commentary IS NOT spiritual gnosis.

He has an inaccurate view of what the Matrix is and many of his errors are because of this misunderstanding. Although I get there are non-dual gnostic schools out there that he might be drawing from. But in my view, they are in error also, so it’s basically the same as the Ebionite heresy but within the gnostic oeuvre–Judaizing of the message of Jesus. See as an example of this syncretism which I reject.

I’ve been consistent in my blogging on this site when it comes to the schisms that exist within these schools whether of the exoteric or esoteric versions–*Kabbalah IS NOT Christian gnosis! It’s also the ‘borrowed’ spirituality of the Egyptian religion but what is another quibble at this point?

In the end, I’m open to women showing me they are of wisdom and truth, but on aggregate, at this point in our timeline, I am simply not seeing it. All I’m seeing is women and men being divided and conquered while also being turned into materialist-consuming pimps and whores…Could that be because the archons view us as cattle?

NOTE* I don’t even view Kabbalah as GNOSIS PROPER but rather it is, in my view, Judaic mysticism and similar to all the other types of mysticism out there. It’s not Gnosis in the way Gnosis is supposed to be understood with its stark dualism and definitive delineation between the demiurgic construct and the Pleroma. If one takes all the oatmeal out of oatmeal it is no longer oatmeal, is it?

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