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This time it’s Seth Andrews and Ayann Hirsi Ali.

I’m defining SPOOK here as intelligence assets of the Usurious Central Banking Cartels.

So in this usage, these folks are not independent actors sharing knowledge but agents given very specific areas of discussion that fulfill the agendas of the banking cartels and their families–and they get paid to promote their scripts which are embedded with hidden agendas.

At the end of my last post on Anti-Natalism, I asked the question of who Gnosis offends and, if it does not offend the usurers then it’s fake Gnosis, and likely the opinion of more Spooks disguised as gnostics–YouTube is full of them. I can add the same criteria along this line of inquiry.

Let’s look at Seth’s intro and see what we get. He parrots all the official bullshit of 911 as does Ayann. You would think that journalists with access to the internet could do some bloody research but that is too much to ask of Intel. Inc. Anyone who has taken the time to do serious research into 911 knows that the official story is nothing other than the fromage of the Swiss cheese variety. I won’t go into that here but to promote that one has a scientific mindset and parrot the official narratives of 911 is simply intellectual debauchery of the worst kind. The way those 3 buildings fell on 911 broke all the *laws of physics (if you believe the official story) and that is obvious to anyone who doesn’t get cut a paycheck from Intel.

Anyone can point out if I’m wrong about this but I’ve never heard Seth cover the ground of other explanations for Christianity like the Marcionites or Gnostics (ahem). That is likely because Jewish interests do not want to leave that move open to the masses so they rarely bring it up. The move from Christianity to atheism is the only move they want you to know about so it’s a type of ‘metaphysical kettleing’.

I’ve covered the ground on Woke before and said it is also a product of Intel. and was brought to the forefront of popular dialogue as a foil for true spiritual gnosis: the knowledge that Yahweh is Satan. You see, true spiritual gnosis as that just mentioned, is the real definition of WOKE, but they were certainly not going to allow that discussion and never have. So they created a mirror version of it in our upsidedown and fed us the materialist replicant storyline as that is what the Archons specialize in–misdirection.

Judeo-Christian? Laughable from the view of Christian gnosis and another term made up by the money-lending cartels. So this one is filling up quickly with Spook tropes. This website has dozens and dozens of posts that prove beyond a reasonable doubt to anyone seriously interested in truth that that term is nonsense.

The Russia, China, Iran trope. This is more fiction created by those who implement ‘civilizational chess moves’ based on the fictions presented in the Torah. Adam Green covers this all the time so it wreaks of Spookism! The reality is that Russia was controlled by the Jews by the beginning of the 20th century and China by 1950 so the bankers are controlling all the pieces on the chessboard. I admit to having unique views on Iran as it was blackwashed in my view because it was the home of Persian Zoroastrianism which was one of the bases for the dualistic thinking that informed the Christian Gnostics. But in modernity, I would have to side with Miles Mathis and agree that Iran is controlled by Jewish interests as is Islam which was a creation of the Roman Church. And if you think that is absurd then you should watch Walter Veith’s very long documentary wherein he offers overwhelming evidence that that is in fact the case–nothing is as it seems on Prison Earth or on Conspiracy Lane.

On Ali handing ammo to the Christian Zionists in America. BINGO! Not hard to figure out especially when considering the fact that American Christianity was created by Jews over the last 150 years. Research the Scofield Bible although I don’t think you even need to research this. These so-called churches are fascist and champion murder and genocide via the idol worship of all things Yahweh–so under Jewish hegemony they have once again inverted all spiritual truth but that is nothing new to us Gnostics as they had good teachers with the RCC.

I will concede though that you will not get anywhere near this until you understand that it was those who created and controlled money that created most of these organized religions and they did so to control populations and to have a front and hiding place. Nothing has changed as far as that goes today although there was a very brief period in modernity where they thought they might be able to dismiss their religious creations as a means of control–not gonna happen.

The only question in my mind is whether Seth accepts the 7 Laws Of Noah if he is still alive when the Third Temple gets rebuilt…

NOTE* what I mean here is that the official story disregards physics.

A next-day addition. From Rationality Rules.

Another miracle of omission here! It appears there is no such thing as the internet or researchers for if there were one would understand what Ayaan is suggesting: that the Rabbis will have their Third Temple with concomitant Noahide Laws. According to Woodford, this does not exist. But I would repel by coughing up the Know More News website which proves beyond all reasonable doubt that this agenda does in fact exist and is in reality driving all of this nonsense.

But notice something here: neither Andrews, Ali, nor Woodford addresses Judaism in any of their analysis (at least in these immediate videos) and I’d suggest there is a reason why: something I’d term ‘dialogue compartmentalization’. We know compartmentalization is a huge aspect of how Intel. works. So here, at least in these exchanges, the word Judaism does not exist! And it’s as if it has no relevance to anything that is happening along these lines of inquiry. This omission could seem to imply another trope of Hollywood Intel.: that the Jews are simply humble merchants who have no interest in the chessboard of civilization but only want to mind their own business when it comes to anything economic.

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