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A recent news feed from Gaza stated, ‘We’ve nowhere to go!’

HERE is a link to the book that is a must-read notwithstanding my critique.

HERE is the WIKI on the author Juri Lina. The thing that stood out to me was the total lack of critique of the history he presents in the book. It could be because the history he outlines can’t be debunked but there could also be other reasons and I’ll go over at least one in this blog.


That statement above is a summary of the human condition as it intersects with The Jewish Question in the 21st century. The delusions of Judaism have not had worldwide consequences until this century–the reason for 911. Major moves on the civilizational chessboard with world Jewry at the beginning of the 20th century, as outlined in this book, did not have universal consequences when it comes to what is sustainable ecologically for the earth’s life systems. We have now reached that point and whoever stated that, was in reality, referencing all Gentile people and their existential circumstances as the Jewish itinerary for world dominance plays itself out this century. It is quite likely that many of the Jews at the top of the control pyramid now know they have overplayed their delusional hand.

My Winter Solstice blog this year is going to cover this ground again in much more detail.

This is likely the reason the Georgia Guidestones were erected with the warning about the genocide of about 6 billion people (Gentiles). More and more I see these types of stories entering the news feed. Certainly, the WEF has not been very subtle on this issue, with their declaration that we will eat the bugs and own nothing and be happy. And Yes, the WEF is a Jewish branch of the Rothschilds.

Okay, let’s get into it: Lenin introduced logocracy (power through the use of barefaced lies), which became a political weapon. Sound familiar? With a platform like that one should ask what the party name should be. ShiteStorm! Or, what is known as the Kakistocracy–government by those least fit to rule. I think it was Adam Curtis who covered the media lies in the documentary Hypernormalization.

He’s correct that Communism is a branch of Judaism. Many scholars have said there were four primary sects of Jews 2000 years ago: Sadducees, Pharisees, Zealots, and Essenes. I think it’s appropriate to add Communists within the specific analysis of this book–previously I’ve called Communism secular Judaism.

HERE is the paper on Lenin and you can cross-reference it with Miles Mathis’ paper on Lenin HERE.

One of the first things that stood out to me after reading most of the book was what he revealed about Mozart. His death never added up to me and I filed it away as unsolved until I read this–solving this is worth the read alone. The Freemasons took in Mozart and he took the oath not to betray them. But clearly, Mozart was a smart dude and it didn’t take him long to assess all the 2+2=3 with these people. But once you take the oath and break it you are a dead man. And that certainly appears to be the case so Mozart was murdered for his betrayal of the Masonic order. People of Mozart’s stature get proper autopsies and burials but that didn’t happen and his burial was a sham unless Mozart faked his death which I don’t think happened.

On Lina’s anti-Christian stance. For the most part, I agree with this because, as a Christian Gnostic, it’s obvious the Rabbis (via proxy stealth) seized control of the church by the 4th century. During the 200 years prior they did away with the Marcionites and Gnostics and anyone else that dared question the character of Yahweh–so as fake Christian Jews they weren’t hesitant to murder those critical of the Torah. We should note that by the 4th century, these so-called Jewish Christians of the Roman church ushered in a 1000-year-long feudal society where the plebs were kept from reading the scriptures. Is it a coincidence that under Jewish hegemony today we are entering another techno-feudal age?

You could laugh at the view above but even folks like Richard Carrier show tons of evidence that the Jews had every reason to create Christianity once the temple was destroyed and Adam Green covers tons of ground showing it was Christianity that got the Jews to where they are today.

Lina doesn’t go far enough in his research on Gnosticism. He’s correct that Jacob Frank practiced antinomianism but then tars all Christian Gnostics with the same ilk. Cainite Gnostics indeed practiced intentional lawlessness but most sects of Christian gnostics held ethics in very high regard and in a similar vein as Kant’s Categorical Imperative.

An intro to one of his documentaries covers the ground of Hermes who was known as Thoth in Egypt. In my view, after many years of fairly extensive research, he gets this right. I’ve said in many of my blogs that Hermeticism is a false spiritual teaching if we define spirituality via the Aeon of Wisdom and Truth. Specifically, I’ve suggested that this Trickster Thoth is Yaldabaoth’s replicant of the Aeon of Truth and Wisdom (the Jesus Christ character). So he gets two thumbs up from me on this one. Read books like the Lost Books of Adam and Eve to make sense of this as it took Adam and Eve 1000 years to differentiate between Yaldabaoth and the Aeon of Truth and Wisdom (the real Christ).

How real the brutal atrocities supposedly committed by these fake Jewish Christians is an entirely different matter when analyzed under the microscope of Miles Mathis’ writings. My view on that is it is hard to say. But skipping to Lina’s description of the atrocities committed by these Jewish communists: it sounds like fear porn fiction but I couldn’t say for sure. What I would say is that the body count of Jewish atrocities against the Gentiles in the 20th Century far exceeds anything the Gentiles did to the Jews.

I’m skeptical that a King like Romanov could be murdered in the way described. Imagine that conspirators could infiltrate the Trump Tower today and murder all of Trump’s family–not at all possible. The Tsar of Russia couldn’t have been so cavalier about his protection and that of his family. All I’m saying is there is good reason to be skeptical on that one.

What is a fact is the liars who write history omitted all the reasons why the Germans behaved the way they did: because the Jews and their media were on the German side for the first two years of the war until the British Freemasons made a deal with the Zionists to hand over Palestine to them. At that point, the Jewish media did a 180 and stirred world Jewry into a frenzy against the Germans who were winning that war. This was a brutal betrayal of the German people who had befriended the Jews for centuries and it was certainly a betrayal of American citizens who did not want any part of Europe’s war.

One of the first things I noticed about this book was the format. It could be nothing but I’ve seen it before with David Astle’s, The Babylonian Woe. My search on Astle (note the similarity to asshole) turned up nothing, so it appears the guy is a ghost, which is a marker for Intel., which I could apply to Lina. But yes…both books are very much still worth reading. It would explain the lack of debunking of his work. But again it’s hard to say and that is likely intentional on Conspiracy Lane.

I’m reading his Architects of Deception now…

Over and over I continue to repeat correctly that Freemasonry is the spirituality of Egypt in a perverted form. It’s no accident that Osiris was one of the primary lawgivers in Egypt along with being the lord of death (underworld/lunar calendar)–so the root figures for Moses and Samael. THIS IS WHERE JUDAISM AND KABBALAH borrowed (stole) most of their spiritual ideas from. This was likely done by the Hyksos pharaohs who worshipped SET and later by the descendants of Akhenaten’s cult who were also Hebrew–Queen Scotia whose lines ended up in Scotland.

He points out the fact that these Jewish Freemasons stole the symbol of Osiris (obelisks) from Egypt and placed them in Paris (named for Isis), London, and New York. Again, this is theft. Furthermore, the so-called Temple of Solomon is a replica of the Egyptian temple as David and Solomon, in reality, were likely Pharaohs of the 18th dynasty.

From Ahmed Osman:

I’m not so much interested in all the magical woo of the Freemasons he documents in the book because, in reality, it is via money and politics that they took power–in that sense, it’s anti-Christ from a Christian Gnostic view.

Start your read on page 158 with the chapter called Economic Slavery.

A random addition:

I was listening to Michael Tsarion and Eric Weinstein both talking about the J.Q.

Both dudes, although different, are really smart. But here’s the thing, as Seth Andrews said about his brain turning to mush when talking about Christianity, when they talk about the J.Q. their brains turn to mush.

The first thing one has to do is cover a plain reading of the Torah: it’s racist, supremacist, and aims to enslave and or genocide all Gentile people. The second thing all rational people must say is that the religious authorities, who believe this horror, should not be allowed anywhere near societal power–but we have the exact opposite today as E Michael Jones just pointed out in a recent interview wherein he said all politicians (except maybe in Hungary) have to pay obeisance to the Synagogues today. So Gentiles today have no avenue of grievance correction from Jewish hegemony over their nations.

I’d mention also that any plain reading of the Jesus character is incorrect if it asserts that Jesus was for Judaism and the Torah. My website covers this ground extensively. The Jesus character was certainly not for the enslavement and genocide of all Gentile people. In my view, he taught a wholly different religion than Judaism but that ain’t this blog….

A point on Conspiracy Lane would also ask where these guys stand on 911 and if they vomit up the official story then they simply should not be listened to when it comes to the J.Q.

On the Andrews reference. There are no YouTube atheist channels that will give the Christian Gnostic view(s) ‘airtime’ at least not in any open and honest way…With maybe the exception of underlings.

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