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It’s likely time that I do an overview of this website and what it (I) stands for.

I am what is called a Christian Gnostic. We have been known at times as ‘the hippies of Christendom’.

I do not claim to be a Perfecti, which was a similar moniker as Apostle, or Guru in India. Whether Perfecti, Apostle, or Guru– it makes little difference when it comes to public, and open and honest repeatable and verifiable displays of supernatural ability (miracles in the N.T.) as NO ONE on earth today can do so. The Christian Gnostics do have one viable explanation for this: the only sign to be given at the End of the Age is the Jews and their TOTAL CONTROL over economics on the earth–known as The Mark of the Beast in Revelations.

There were three categories of humans described by the Christian Gnostics: HYLICS can be thought of as like the clones in Star Wars in that they cannot perceive the truth of spirituality; the PSYCHICS who have strong intuitive spiritual understanding (I place myself in this group); and the Perfecti (like Christ in that they can alter the laws of physics–walk on water etc.).

HERE is a link to one of the best documentaries on Gnosticism by David Brakke Ph.D.

His lengthy documentary is excellent because he delineates accurately what Christian Gnosis is and isn’t and there are few alive today willing to be that honest when it comes to this line of inquiry.

We believe we are prisoners here via the machinations of Yaldabaoth the demiurge– the creator god of this material existence. We long ago associated this entity with the god of the Torah (note the small g).

We believe in non-violence similar to the concept of Ahimsa which was a core teaching of the Jains in the East. We also understand that this stance consistently leads to our destruction (death) on this earth by those whose core tenet, within their religion, is violence against anyone who speaks against the Torah. This has always come to pass. There are certainly times, because of this, that we feel like CYPHER in the Matrix who understood that knowing the truth about existence can at times SUCK! But rarely, if ever, do we renounce our conviction to the TRUTH about existence.

The J.Q. was a huge topic as the 20th century dawned and has now, once again, resurfaced in the mainstream, so because of this I write this blog.

My website has many posts about Marx and Communism and I’ve been consistently saying Marx was an agent disclosing information (but not spiritual enlightenment) about the Hebrew Archon Overlords or what I often call the Pharaonic Hebrew EL ite (Rothschild et. al.). Ask yourself why these Jews use Egyptian symbolism in all their power centers with Osiris’s penis being the logo for Amazon (one exp. of 1000’s I could link). This isn’t merely coinky-dinky. Search my blogs for the root of this in the 18th dynasty of Egypt and certainly search the Hyksos Hebrew Pharaohs as we are dealing with their offspring today–what I call Nephilim-Archon-Spooks.

But my point on Marx is that he was telling the Gentiles about economics and how it works when handed over to the Jews. It ain’t pretty! And when Marx revealed something of this nature he knew what he was talking about and wasn’t making shit up. Yes, the official narrative with Marx, Socialism, and Communism is that the Jews are sincerely interested in ending the economic slavery of the Gentile proletariat–this is beyond laughable! The more anyone speaks in either of these sects/ideologies the more enslaved the Gentile nations become to usurious predatory economics by the Jewish-run banking cartels that control all the world governments.

HERE is a link to one of the most succinct overviews of The Jewish Question online today. Unfortunately, it is presented by one of the leaders of the Alt.-Right and I ask you to ignore the messenger and focus on the truth of what he says for it is 100% accurate. All I’ll say about Mr. Johnson is that it is likely no accident that, in the West, the only critique of Jewish power and politics today, and all the abuses that come with it, come from the ‘Naziesque’ camp. That’s called controlled opposition, by the way, making the only critique come from those whose ideology was the biggest failure in universal history–no accident. No rational person would want anything to do with the abject failure of mid-century socialism as presented by the ‘mustached one’. Not that he was portrayed accurately in HIS story but I do not need to cover this here.

However, there is a good segue way here into the BEST paper of 2023 from Miles Mathis:

Friedrich Nietzsche

I would hazard a guess that one aspect of our spiritual revealing is that humans have to smash all their idols as painful as that is.

I was going to do a separate blog on this but it seems better to add it onto this one.

I took the time to listen to the whole thing. These guys are a branch of Integral philosophy and are advocates for a society founded on Neo-Platonic metaphysics. But they have competition as the Neo-Marxists of the Rothschild WEF want Total Control and they hate religion and are acting out one variation of the serpentine gnostic script in Genesis–‘ye shall be like gods’. It’s a gnostic interpretation I fully reject–it’s another Hylic school attempt at the knowledge of good and evil. HERE is a video of KLAUS and the gangsters telling you about the future that they want for the whole world.

The other competitor for world domination is coming from Third Temple Noahide Law Jews. See Adam Green of Know More News who covers this extensively. My website covers this ground quite extensively, too, so search if you’re interested.

If I was coerced into having to choose one of the three it would be the first one notwithstanding the contentions/quarrels between the Christian Gnostics and Plotinus. The Valentinian-type Gnostics will get on board with their plan but the Sethians will reject it as becoming one with the demiurgic construct will only keep you trapped within this deceptive construct.

From a modern secular perspective, I’ve not come across one of these neo-platonists in our era who have any substantial critique of modern economics. IOW’s they all seem fine with fascist economics defined here as the corporate oligarch control of the nationstate. Or, as stated by many honest-type Jews: ‘Yes, we have control of the nation’s economic structures and we don’t care how we got it but we are not going to give up that power!’…So silence from Integral Inc. on this one. I’ve dubbed this Integral without integrity.

That aside, I wanted to comment on the first video as it intersects with the situation in Israel as commented on by Ken Wilber. HERE is the Integral World blog on the convo. It’s barely worth listening to, in my view, and goes to why I rejected Wilber’s school.

But all is not lost in that camp as there are people within it who get it right. Below is a comment from the blog that I agree with. The only solution from an Integral Metacrisis view is what I’ve BOLDED below in his comment.

Joseph Dillard · Dec 9, 2023

Thanks for this Frank. 

You say, “ Perhaps we should just bring more reason and rationality into this conflict, plain human common sense, that however complicated this conflict historically is, two rival populations should accept each other and live peacefully, either within one state of as two separate states?” 

This gets to the heart of the problem. According to Wilber (and I agree), the pre-trans fallacy in its elevationistic aspect occurs because one has transcended stages without including them. What you are pointing out is that Wilber’s integral is elevationistic in its analysis of the War on Gaza: it transcends reason by claiming 1) access to an “integral” (vision-logic/integral-aperspectival/post-personal) perspective and 2) a mystical one, will solve the problem. It will not and cannot, because Wilber’s formulation does not include accountability before law, a prior, foundational, rational perspective. 

The abrogation of the West of its self-appointed role as light bearer to the primitive masses and enforcer of freedom, justice, and human rights, in its failure to not only hem in and stop this genocide, but by actually supporting, aiding and abetting it, puts the rest of the world on the spot: is there the collective will of a global majority to put a leash on the Emperor with No Clothes in the General Assembly of the UN and in international tribunals, or does the global majority meekly roll over and let genocide continue? 

This is not an “integral” decision for the global majority. This is more a brutal cost/risk calculation by countries who have a lot to lose by upsetting the ongoing hegemonic world order by forcing the stop of the genocide. So far these countries (the Arab states, Russia, and China) have largely wrung their hands and wailed but done almost nothing of a concrete nature to reign in the ongoing atrocity. Little Yemen has provided a notable exception. 

Wilber says, “… politicians should become integral so they can take all perspectives into account.” 

The problem is that a rational understanding of multi-perspectivalism does not produce experiential, empathetic multi-perspectivalism. Politicians (and integralists!) can become adept at integral or metamodern theory or whatever and maintain the bias of their worldview, without any authentic identification with the suffering of the other side. I have seen this numerous times in the integral community. 

“ Wilber seems oblivious to the geopolitical reasons this conflict has endured for so long, with the United States backing Israel all the time, even if it has a record number of UN resolutions raised against its practice of colonization of Palestinian land and the treatment of its inhabitants.” 

This is why listening to the geopolitical realism and objectivity provided by people like Mearsheimer, Jeffrey Sacks, Alexander Mercouris, and, in the case of Israel/Palestine, voices like Ilan Pappe and Norman Finkelstein, is important. Such voices provide geopolitical background and reasons for the conflict, reasons which are often left out of integral analyses of conflicts (as this critique by Wilber demonstrates). I have noted (in various essays on IW) this absence in essays by Smith, Freinacht, and others regarding the Ukraine war. 

“(The US)… should be the prime candidate to order the Israeli government (mostly headed by Netanyahu) to stop colonizing Palestinian land and to actively work toward a two-state solution.” 

There are a couple of problems here. 1) Polls show that Israelis overwhelmingly support continuation of the war, meaning apartheid, ethnic cleansing and the continuation of genocide. Getting rid of Netanyahu and imagining that a more conducive government will take his place is wishful thinking. The problem is endemic, like a systemic disease. A band-aid or aspirin is like painting the walls of a house when termites have destroyed its wooden framing. Zionism is apartheid. Genocide is not a bug; it’s a feature. 2) People have to come to grips that the entire Zionist project is racist and that therefore a two-state solution is to put a global stamp of approval on apartheid. 

People are reluctant to think this through, partially because they are used to associating criticism of Zionism with anti-semitism, something that the US Congress, in its infinite capacity to subordinate itself to the financial power of AIPAC and Israeli interests, just made illegal. But if we do develop sufficient objectivity, we will recognize that only a one-state solution will do, one in which Israelis and Palestinians live together in one democratic state. Those who do not wish to do so are free to move elsewhere. 

“Wilber gives zero analysis of the role played by the West (the US and Europe) in the perpetuation of this conflict.” 

Exactly. Wilber’s integral is highly Eurocentric in its worldview, but that is obscured by its embracing of Indian religion and mysticism. What has occurred is that Hindu and Buddhist concepts have been grafted onto an underlying Eurocentric worldview. (How and why this has been done and the consequences for integral theory is a vast and important subject that integralists with more time, energy, and knowledge than myself need to address.) 

Another reality that people are highly reluctant to call out is the objective fact that Israel, the US, and EU are terrorist states, based on their exporting of extra-legal wars and their support for genocide. For example, the grooming, training, arming, and financial support of ISIS terrorism by the West is well known, at least to those who look for an understanding of geopolitics outside of the mainstream western narratives. 

Your final conclusion, that Wilber’s Integral has devolved into “Integral scholasticism” is well-put. It has very little to add to the major issue: how to bell the cat of “might makes right,” of the “rules-based order,” of transcending five hundred years of Western hegemony. Russia, China, and the Arabs want to take a “go slow” approach, partially for selfish economic reasons and partially from real fear of precipitating rage in an emotionally unbalanced adolescent superpower with nukes. Can the world afford to “go slow” when millions of Palestinians continue to be bombed, murdered, and exterminated in a genocidal “final solution?” Can humanity justify status as homo “sapiens” (wise) if it collectively turns a blind eye to such pervasive inhumanity? 

To my mind, the “new” integralists, like the metamodernists and those focusing on consciousness, self-development, enlightenment, and metamodern spirituality have so far added very little, if anything, to the resolution of this core issue: man’s inhumanity to man, particularly on a state level. Until it does, it will remain largely irrelevant to the evolutionary arc of humanity. 


The only thing I’d add to his correct point above is that the Israeli nation-state should become multi-cultural! HAHAHA! And it’s this sentence that explains why I maintain my unique Christian Gnostic stance. It’s also why I see little hope for the future.

A next-day addition. For the most part, I like Mcgilchrist, but he’s very selective when it comes to interpreting Kabbalah. The fall of the West, so to speak, can be traced back a thousand years to the advent of the first written Kabbalist books which were promoted by nascent banking families like the Medici (Jewish) who also seized control of the Vatican (or made it even worse). The overwhelming majority of Kabbalists that have ever lived reject Christ wholesale along with viewing this existence as intrinsically good. This is mysticism and certainly not Christian Gnosis proper–at least in the way that defines correctly the essence of what some Christian Gnostic sects were saying. Then there is the not-so-tiny point that Judaism, the Talmud, and Kabbalah are overwhelmingly hostile to all Gentile people to the point that they teach our enslavement via usury with the added assertion that all Gentile people are to be spiritually exterminated. From this perspective, the term meta crisis is synonymous with Hebrew control of the earth and all the myriad problems that come along with their being in charge.

Having said that, I’m willing to grant that Daniel, in the linked video, and folks like Jordan Hall, and the rest of the Jews surrounding Integral Inc. who want to fulfill nondual Platonic philosophy via the New World Republic are the White Hats. But granting that, the fact remains the top of that White Hat pyramid is largely Jewish and it is not a given that they can win their wars against their less-than-stellar brethren whether World Communism of the WEF or the Trump Messianic Noahides. It’s likely best to add in the Jewish Lone Wolf Wildcards like EL on Musk. Yes, I’m riffing off of Miles Mathis’ paper on Musk with that comment. This is why I always say the Gentile Nations are being trolled by various sects of world Jewry.


A further addition on the very astute Michael Tsarion. I’m commenting on his paper on the Jewish Question. I first came across Tsarion’s work around 2005 when I was steeped in a 7-year study of Integral Theory. It was rather obvious that he is a foremost researcher when it comes to occult esotericism. His Female Il LUM inati series resonated deeply with me as I perceived the dark feminine early on in my life. So my critique of this paper is not a critique of his whole work. I should start by saying that he holds largely alternate views on the history of humanity which he sees as being rooted in Atlantis mythology. I remain agnostic on this view but I have covered this ground in the early years of this website.

Okay, with that said, if he was writing this in 1999 I’d likely not have as much to say about it. But 911 changed everything, didn’t it? Any serious unbiased researcher knows the official story is utter tripe and that Islam was once again used as a means to an end. I won’t harp on this again here but Islamic nations were decimated after 911 and no sane person commits a crime when they know they will be destroyed by doing so. Furthermore, has Tsarion noticed that Israel is committing another genocide in GAZA as we speak?

I seriously don’t know how he gets from Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality to the Jews are not the problem. My research, coming to the same conclusion on Judaism, was independent of his research on Judaism’s roots in Egypt via the cult of SET and the Hyksos royal EL ites. How he gets from that correct assessment to his benign tepid assessment of the Messianic fervor of the Jews today via Trump and his ilk (see above) is beyond me. Does it not dawn on Tsarion what happens when delusion and outright lies get instantiated into world politics and power? Again, see Adam Green’s channel @ No More News, as he covers this extensively.

A plain reading of the modern Torah can’t escape the fact that the primary tenets of their religion are racist, and supremacist and seeks to rule the whole earth via enslavement of Gentile nations. And all of this, as Tsarion shows, is again, based on historical deception. How is this not a problem? Now, of course, not every Jewish person is culpable but that is certainly missing the point severely when it comes to power and politics today, and as shown above, it is mainly a Jewish affair.

But let us explore Tsarion’s ‘It’s not the Jews’…Where does that leave the Gentiles and all the average Jews? It leaves us shadowboxing the air or sky! We are in a ring by ourselves throwing punches into the empty air in front of us…Or, boxing with ghosts! I guess Tsarion would say he has given us plenty of tangible targets albeit peripheral or proxies.

Nonetheless, one of the most curious aspects of Tsarion’s endorsements that borders on cognitive dissonance is his stance on Judaic orthodoxy. He shows beyond reasonable doubt that Judaism, as it is known today, coughs up a false historical narrative while borrowing laws from other cultures. I can’t for the life of me see how he concludes that Judaism is neutral or benevolent and this by his own research…Weird!

On his endorsement of capitalism. I’d be inclined to agree if it was 1890 but in 2024? Not so much and the White Hats within the Integral cult know it. Even if anthropogenic Climate Change is more manipulation by ‘his’ hidden hands of power there are still incredibly bad problems facing humanity and the earth today. Not the least of which is having a civilization built upon the Ponzi scheme of fiat currency.


Upon reflection I think I should assess Tsarion in a general but hopefully fair way.

Let’s start with his name. King Michael, right? Michael has long been referenced as Jesus in many Christian sects.

Others have pointed out that he neither looks nor sounds Irish. So it could be he is a Spook of the Intelligence agencies. Another point I am agnostic on.

On his alt. history. He says a lot of bizarre things along this line and all of it is speculative. Here is what I can gather. At some point, Atlantis was destroyed and there was a remnant of Aryans who survived and lived on the British Isles. These ancient Aryans traveled to the Middle East and India and taught a hi-brow knowledge leftover from their civilization in Atlantis. They became some of the Pharaohs of Egypt and various sects of their bloodlines ended up writing Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as a means of population control. My independent research agrees with this from the point of the 18th dynasty.

But I part ways when it comes to his view on the Jews in modernity as his view aligns with the one common denominator since Constantine: that Yahweh is the father of Christ. This is ALWAYS the case for every sect of Christendom created since the 14th century. Moreover, he correctly understands that Judaism is founded on Egyptian spirituality (so Judaism is deceptive) but then goes on to say Jews obey the laws of Moses! But neither Moses nor the laws given are Hebrew in the Judaic sense but are really all Egyptian in origin. I don’t see how this deception equals stand-up moral behavior. I’d say such deception leads to immorality and in fact, has to.

Now you might guess if what I’m saying is true, why the true Christ will destroy the Third Temple! Because it is stolen from Egypt and being used fraudulently.

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