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Making sense out of The Golden Rule:

1) don’t exploit other humans, unnecessarily, for personal gain and profit.

2) don’t exploit the earth’s resources and life forms, unnecessarily, for personal gain and profit.

We can see that much of what is happening economically on earth today is deplorable by this measure.

I think Kant’s moral ideas are a good addition here and humanity should act ‘as if’ they are true because the world would be a much better place. So…act as if what you do could be upheld as a universal law and don’t use other people solely as a means to an end.

A little bit about who I am:

Life-long musician and guitarist! I have a saying about musicians: “Can’t live with ’em; shouldn’t shoot ’em” Well, at least if you’re CIA sleeper MKULTRA agents! Here I’ll try to distill much of the falsity and manipulation of populations by our less than sane rulers! It’s divide and conquer all the way to The Bankster.

Please consider, as speculation, the reason the moneylending cartels want you to break the Golden Rule: because you will never get out of the reincarnation template if you do! So the archons who control this existence have found a way to keep you imprisoned– metaphysical speaking.

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