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Angels As Fireworks. Circa 1991…

I’ve updated this one (see below)..

I always had this strange feeling when it comes to Fireworks! I’ve come to think of them as symbols for the Archon Angels. It was said that Yaldabaoth— known as the creator/architect/demiurge of the material world—created these beings who rule over this deceptive construct. I also think of fireworks as symbolic of the mechanisms and machinations of The Wizard Of Oz—again, known in this blog as the demiurge—and the Decoded Vlog speaks to me in the same way. 

I put up in December of 2016. I suffered my very first serious injury in my life shortly thereafter and, in brief, it targeted the nerves in my spine around the mouth area. There wasn’t an ‘as obvious’ direct causal link to this 4 AM ‘sleep injury’ as compared to my fractured ankle injury in 2021—again happening under very strange circumstances. IMO., both injuries were, in a sense, metaphysical, but the Archons involved look all too human so there is an intersection between our lived lives and the archons. The targeting of my life by these archons goes at least to the early 80’s…

I’ve just come across the website of one Logan Jayson Piette... I’ve got to invoke a Miles Mathis on this one and say the name looks fake! A real name might look something like Jason Logan (Piette). Note the PI in the name and the TWO T’s….2020: Trump, Trudeau, T. Tam….etc. There are a whole host of guys on YouTube who seem to have gone to the same online persona school. But more important is what he’s saying on his channel. I concede his work is quite detailed and impressive as to his referents and methodology. But I want to point out the apparent start date of his channel which was about 2-years after my website went up—in my view, I’m only stating what appears to be a linear fact here. Pretty well everything he’s saying as to metaphysics was already written about on my website (see below). I’ve already pointed out in another blog the coincidences of the show City Of Angels and how I think I’ve been trolled— documented in my Why The Kenosha Fake? Everything on my site comes from sheer intuitive GNOSIS when it comes to the metaphysics espoused—so no Fireworks on my end! My booze don’t need no buddy (fireworks) and fancy referents when it comes to ‘the spirit of truth’= CHRIST

In my opinion, YouTube is a CIA front. Let me be clear about what I’m saying here. The platform is fantastic for learning real-life skills and if was only that then there wouldn’t be a problem. But the Archons don’t understand boundaries and when it comes to anything to do with politics, economics, religion, and spirituality, YouTube is the home of disinformation and misinformation agents (think agent Smith’s). They are everywhere on the platform and because they are ‘employed’ by the intelligence communities they are able to game the algorithms—which control the narratives. 

I’ve done posts on *Santos Bonacci and Ken Wheeler…I’m not a syncretist although I understand the appeal. The same with Simulation Theory: I get the appeal but I don’t think consciousness is computational. I also think it’s putting the cart before the horse to assert metaphysics definitively before physics. My view is we should try and get a grip on physics first and work from there but even that doesn’t seem possible. I’ve suggested a few ways to get there in my Professional Liars series that suggests removing the scientific inquiry away from corrupt corporate capitalism—it’s the only hope we have as far as I can tell of sorting out what’s true about the material universe. I think this matters and is different than saying ‘I don’t care about the shape of the earth’, although I still maintain my blog focus on the question of: How Shall We Live?

Okay, as sloppy as my initial forays into blogging were, I was still able to explicate some fairly straightforward ideas on spirituality.  Basically, I said that humans are imprisoned within this deceptive construct; that we don’t have free will here; that this place is the property of the Demiurge and the archons; that Christ wasn’t a genetically Jewish carpenter (Docetism); that religion was created by the archons as a means of control; that the archons on earth are solely concerned with money and power; that I didn’t believe any rendition of the Adam and Eve story because to me both archons lied (they didn’t become like gods and they didn’t die); that humanity should focus on The Golden Rule in their economics; that usury is predatory, coercive, and extraordinarily exploitative; that certain bloodline families have always controlled the wealth here (see Miles Mathis). I’ve done blogs on 911 and what I call The Cult Of 33. I also covered ground on THOTH, the Egyptian God, who was the Christ figure and an incarnation of the Archon Mercury (premodern cosmology), born to Cleopatra and Ceasar. And, yes…many of the deaths in that family were faked as a way to obfuscate and obscure the history of these archons bloodlines: what I’ve come to call Nephilim-archon-spooks…Look to the 47th PREZ. today! 

Pretty well all of this is covered on the DECODED channel with some fairly obvious omissions that seem intentional. Yes, I could be wrong about this. To my thinking, there is NO WAY this guy doesn’t know about **Christian Gnostic cosmology and the various ideas about Sophia and her place in the Pleroma and her knowledge of the beings that preceded her: the Father and Mother who birthed Christ: the Spirit Of Truth. Yet he places Christ within the demiurgic construct and asserts a co-equal as Lucifer. I’ve been clear that in my view this particular idea is really Yaldabaoth who is a replicant of Christ and Sophia whom he calls Lucifer. Did he not notice that the REAL Christ and Sophia are not of this place and preceded it? If so, why suggest that Jesus and Lucifer are the ‘real thing’ when they are the ’simulations’. I’ve pointed out in many blogs the continued inversion of this cosmic relationship within Intelligence Inc. who are always keen to flip reality upside-down—see the movie, The Matrix, where they also invert the relationship. I’ll say it again: his Jesus and Lucifer as Yaldabaoth is the DEMIURGE and not the true Christ or Sophia. The best you can get here is modern psychologism that reduces the simulations to shadow psychology—The Jungians. Not my view. 

Okay…So where’s the beef? I’m into my 63rd year soon and I have above average intelligence but not near Mensa; I also have the ability to use imagination quite well, but in a 1000 years I doubt I could come up with this guys methodology on my own and that includes my rather good intuitive spiritual gnosis. I also don’t think this guy is that old. So how did he do this? Is he saying he did this on his own? I’d be skeptical of that. I only put this out there as a muse and don’t mean to be meanly offensive. But wouldn’t a team of family occultists be a better and more plausible explanation for this? Perhaps a Peerage Line of occultists that goes back to antiquity? I do agree that humans would be hard-pressed to connect all these dots but could the big-computers out of Langley come up with these connections? That’s guess number two!–Intelligence Inc. I’ll skip the alien thing as it ain’t my gig. So that leaves what I call Nephilim-archon-spooks–which in a way links to door number 1. I’ve said in previous blogs that these metaphysical wardens who appear, human, KNOW EVERYTHING about this construct. Isn’t this the simplest explanation? What’s your take on this?

CYPHER was one of the more interesting characters in The Matrix, as was The Last Exile (definitely me symbolically speaking), and Cypher is synonymous with Ialdabaoth’s Archon Sabaoth: who was said to have converted when Sophia revealed The Truth to him. He’s now said to exist on ‘The Eighth’ (premodern cosmology) with Zoe, I believe. Of course, Cypher taught that one should live in ‘harmony’ with The Matrix but I have NO CHOICE but to tell him he’s wrong and that that is the last thing humans should do!

Some possibilities along these lines within the context that this isn’t some type of mental illness (not my view). If there is a truly GOOD GOD, and if there is some kind of truth to the Watcher/Nephilim story, then perhaps this place IS a teaching ground for the hybrid souls. We have to learn to be good and this is the place created to do that. Note, then, that this place, under this view, is not the original creation, but some temporary school construct. To me, this is an alternate orthodox theory. BUT…in my view, the last place one should look for goodness training is in the ‘Cap/Com’ Psy-op…

An advanced alien E.T. is using advanced tech to farm us.

Various Gnostic schools but they have to give an account of Yaldabaoth’s seemingly malicious behavior.

Simulation: this tells us nothing about who created the SIM.

The performative contradiction along this line of inquiry is suggesting whatever DECODE one does is of their own free will. I don’t see how that is possible under this metaphysics. And what’s the difference between these lines of behavioral suggestion and the Mitzvah’s? Or, a lifetime of Monk injunctions which very view can cope with? Are not ALL these actions attempts to adjust to life as a prisoner? Wouldn’t it be better to get out of the prison?

NOTE*: The name of one of the blogs is called The Two Monsters. The name isn’t referring to these two guys.

NOTE**: It wasn’t only the Christian Gnostics who considered the Jewish Jesus figure an imposter: it was the Mandeans, the Marcionites (Yahweh is the imposter), and arguably, even the Essenes, and even Judaism has this idea of two Messiah’s: one leading people astray. The point, again: is why does he only ‘credit’  replicant false gods as the only ‘real’ rulers?

A diversion at the end here on Conspiracy Lane…I’ve been saying for some time that one should have a side dish of Miles Mathis along with the truth of The Gnostic Christ (not the fake Jewish Jesus one)…So I just read his blog on Thomas More. I did read Utopia when I was a kid. So they point out in his bio that he went to Oxford (spook school) at 14 for 2- years and then went to law school for 2 years and shortly thereafter became a judge at 18! Who writes this B.S.? Who DO YOU KNOW that got a full adult education in 2 years and was able to be appointed judge at 18 with only 2-years of law school? Easy answer: NO ONE! So how about this: Ole Henry was a flamer and took the young lad as his lover: this all has to be kept secret of course. So Henry green lights Thomas who gets to bypass all legitimate protocols. Of course, they have to turn Henry into a raging womanizer and make Thomas his enemy to keep appearances up. And…yes, one can still fulfill their genetic duties as royalty when one is gay.

2024 UPDATE:

I wanted to post a clip of CJB describing what I’m saying here about Yaldabaoth and the archons and he goes into Kabbalist detail about who they are–and Piette parrots this understanding. But notice he prefaces by dismissing the truth of the Christian Gnostics and then taking as fact the Kabbalah that he explicates wherein the serpent was Samael/Lilith who impregnated Eve and would also impregnate Mary to bring in the deceitful suffering Messiah Ben Josepth who will betray the Gentiles just as Josepth betrayed the Egyptians. Of course, to us Christian Gnostics this is all fiction. Atwill is also misdirecting but nowhere near as much as he only omits that it was HEBREW- Roman Royals who wrote these fictions. His overview is at about 2 minutes.

Another way to think about what I’m saying here is to think about The Truman Show movie. Piette and CBJ both advocate for the narratives in that movie. Where I differ is that the Christof character played by Harris is in fact Yaldabaoth as replicant who is not the true Christ. The True Christ and Sophia remain hidden in my view. Yaldabaoth as Christof could be thought of today as DEEP FAKES…IOW’s really Anti-Christ (against truth and wisdom) and primarily concerned with early power and politics (control of populations).

BTW: if you’ve ever wondered about Alice Cooper and his claim to be a Christian then this should, I think, help you make sense of it. They really believe that Samael (Yaldabaoth) is Christ. In real life Cooper is Jewish.

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