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Here is the video I am commenting on:

CJB says he doesn’t believe any of this but just like *Adam Green the net result is unprecedented promotion of all things Judaic. There is obviously something very odd about these stances.

Once again, the common denominator here is the 100% complete trademarking by Jewish interests of anything to do with god/s. This is not the first time this is happening.

The first major psyop along this line was trademarking the gods of Egypt as their own. So a type of cultural spiritual theft. You should know by now that David was Thutmose 111, the Egyptian warrior king, and Solomon was Amenhotep 111. Both pharaohs life stories match precisely those written about in the Torah with the omission that they were Hyksos pharaohs.

They used this gambit big time in the centuries after 33AD wherein they trademarked (once again) the non-human avatar godman as a Jewish carpenter. The view that this godman was not a human Jew is known as Docetism. More along this line HERE…

They turned him into a human Jew so that they could superglue this ‘god of the pleroma’ to the god of the Torah–I concede it was a brilliant although diabolic move on the chessboard within this demiurgic construct.

So it’s no surprise they are at it again trademarking all things Gnostic as Jewish. The fact is, although speculative, there is NO CONNECTION per se between the Aeons of the Pleroma and the Archons of this demiurgic construct. The Jews are simply the minions of all the lies and hate here when it comes to this line of inquiry.

What Yaldabaoth (demiurge) and all its minions have always tried to do is blur any real distinction between their falseness and the truth of the pleroma and its residents. And this is precisely what CJB is doing again in this assessment.

Let me be clear in opinion: THERE IS NO ALLEGIANCE BETWEEN THOSE OF THE PLEROMA AND THE ARCHONS THAT CONTROL THIS CONSTRUCT. So his well done diagram of the Kabbalist Tree of Life is complete nonsense–well done fiction, yes… although I’ve always conceded they are masters of the genre.

In my view, any truth regarding the GOE story is that everyone involved other than Adam and Eve were ARCHONS! The serpent was Yaldabaoth as was the Elohim Lion/Yahweh who represents the Torah.

Previous blogs on the Matrix HERE and HERE…

A note on the first linked video. The assessment on Sophia therein is along the lines of the Valentinian school and perhaps even the non dual schools of Neoplatonism: AKA Integral Inc. in our era. I’ve moved away from that school since I made the video although I’d always concede they could be correct. Today I side with the Sethian school notion that there is likely no conciliation between the Archons and the Aeons.

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Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality.

  • please note that neither Green or CJB will give an ounce of airtime to any spiritual view other than parroting all the official narratives of any and all things Jewish.
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