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There are about 100- billionaire oligarchs (that there are more than 100 now doesn’t alter the perspective in this blog) who’ve seized control of civilization in the last 100-years and today form a transnational plutocracy. They have no interest in any particular country per se; their interest is solely in what they can extract from countries. The first oligarchs of the modern era were the oil magnate John D. Rockefeller alongside the fiat currency private central banker Rothschild. What makes these oligarchs different from the previous aristocracy is the technological prowess they wield. We should pay attention to what kind of technology they are offering up! In general, only polluting technology; only tracking tech compared to say, a truth detection technology–curious indeed. The mode of operation for the oligarchy is the corporation. The first fifty years of the 20th century was about setting up the conditions for corporate control via purchasing the judiciary and the state’s political structure. The result of this coup d’état of society meant that corporations couldn’t be held accountable for criminal acts; these corporations also shield the oligarchs, that is–the oligarchs can maintain a certain anonymity. These corporations have used trade agreements to over-ride nation-state concerns for the benefit of the plutocracy. It should also be noted that the systems of finance set up by them are inherently corrupt and the model for doing business is the casino.

They have instituted a worldwide mass profiling civilization whereby they know everything about us but we can know very little about who they are. We can also tell by recent demonetization initiatives that a part of their agenda is to digitize every transaction on the planet thereby annihilating any remaining free-market activities. This is synonymous with wanting a cut of the ‘vig’ of any transaction anyone does anywhere. This is a mafia ethos. The plutocracy now owns 60 to 70% of the earth’s wealth; the largest transfer of wealth in known history. I call this the theft of the Earth Commons.

So, who are they? I think the only way to even come close to answering this is with facts. The first fact is that there is not one religious book on earth that is factual!!! Every book is internally contradictory and comparatively contradictory; especially when studied in the light of modern scholarship. But there are clues in these religious books, nevertheless. But first, we need to set up some guideposts on how to investigate this. I will use a bizarre example to make a point. Let’s play with the recent assertions in popular culture that the earth is flat. What would that mean? It would mean this: there would be absolutely no way on earth to distinguish fact from fiction! If everything is a lie then nothing could be trusted or learned. Humanity would be at the complete mercy of the gods who see fit under this example to NOT tell us the truth about the nature of the cosmos! Of course, it would be simple for any god to solve the issue, but what is fact here is that no God is willing to step up and declare to everyone that the earth is flat. So, reasonable people can dismiss flat-earth cosmology.

               Which brings us back to a fact-based inquiry into who these plutocrats are.

………………………..                                       To be continued                                            ……………… ……


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