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“Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.

2020: well, fire the wardrobe person! lol

I still think the simulation hypothesis fits many of the circumstances here but I’m also not a spiritual idealist–I don’t think all of this is mind…I lean more to Kosmic panpsychism and that the physical universe is real and not illusional in the idealist sense–so I have more in common with Buddhism on this point and am skeptical of the claims of Advaita– that this is strictly a mind dream.  I still maintain that the archons are spiritual in nature and not terrestrial (E.T.)…

I maintain an agnostic view when it comes to declaring anything definitively about the nature of reality (epistemology) but I’m Gnostic when it comes to my spiritual beliefs in the sense that I think the Gnostic spiritual tradition best fits what is happening on this earth: so, Agnostic Gnostic…

It’s the issue of The Jewish Question that has made my decision to side with the Christian Gnostics and not the Monisn of original Buddhism as posited by people like Theoria Apophasis. But it’s not only that because I’ve also said that the experiences within consciousness on this planet should not be universalized in the way these schools suggest. It could all be local.

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