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Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.
― Mario PuzoThe Godfather

I can’t say I’m ever thrilled when the spirit wakes me up a 5 AM to write this shite!

There is a mafia show trial going on in D.C. where Janet Yellen is bestowing the virtues of The Fed and Central Banking. It’s reasonable to suggest that the casino owners will never do anything or concede anything which might shine light into some very dark shadows!

You know, Brexit and Trump are a sane reaction to the situation the E.U. created in places like Greece. Greece gave up its currency which is one of the only mechanisms of redress when the fiscal shit hits the fan! A country can manipulate its currency when things go south; Greece is unable to do that and can only capitulate to forced austerity by the E.U. The Brits and Americans had enough sense to put an end to this delusional power play.

Look, a one-world currency was always a red herring brought on by the Cultural Marxist delusions (as is their forced integration delusions). In fact, it was a diversion as the real issue is tracking every transaction anyone makes anywhere to attain a cut of the vig; and this, indeed, is well on its way to being implemented on a worldwide scale, and is the mafia ethos which in no way needs a world-wide singular currency.

Now, of course, Trump and Co. at the end of this carnival will completely deregulate the gangsters and once again set up the conditions for the largest economic bust in human history. Thanks, guys! Great job! The suffering that will follow in a decade or two will most likely be unimaginable, but we can be sure of one thing: it will affect very few within the financial and political class who make these decisions; in fact, they will benefit the most… It does bring up this point, though: until the financial and political class suffer from their misdeeds there is zero incentive for them to alter their mode of behavior.

FWIW: I had the most vivid dream of my life the night after I wrote this blog! 

The essence of, Yellen, was in the dream in the form of someone like, The Merovingian, this Archon, as in The Matrix, was exceedingly annoyed with me; knew who I was, and was arrogant and disdainful towards me ( but not threatening or mean). It made it clear that I was to be subservient to its desires and was wasting my time in questioning its authority! 

The dream took place in a grand resort somewhere on the south Atlantic coast. A grand old resort that was immense in its ability to offer every imaginable form of desire and entertainment! I was being asked to be the caretaker and the vetting process was long, tedious, and hierarchical. The resort was exceedingly old. 

That’s the short version of this dream. Very interesting, indeed!

I figured out what the Grand Resort is; I talk about it at the end of this post.

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