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” Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea.

Well, the first thing you know ol Jed’s a millionaire”…………..The Beverly Hillbillies.

CBC has an article today on Peak Oil. I won’t bother linking as the subject is easy enough to find on -line. Oh, where do I start? Well, it has to be John D. Rockefeller– the grifter who brought this product to the modern world! Everything modernity has today can be traced to him and a few others like him. But Rockefeller didn’t grow up in a vacuum– he was matched in ego and tenacity by preceding oligarchs–The Rothschild’s, who’s financial model is predicated on endless growth on a finite planet ( the problem is easy to spot). Everything modernity is today is because of these groups of people. Modernity, however, is premised on another notion: the non-existence of god! i.e. the scientific worldview which sees progress as inevitable. By the way, a part of this view may be how the left brain functions with its strict linear, sequential proclivity; it does not like the chaotic machinations of right brain creativity, but I digress…………..

So this has set up a situation where modern people view life through a godless lens combined with the notion that time is linear and things will simply, as Wayne Gretzky, argues: get better and better and better……Well, not so fast there, Great One! And I won’t be too hard on you for your cognitive dissonance in proclaiming the “obvious rightness of the NHLPA and owners becoming partners” in a socialistic model!( a CBC interview)  What’s good for the NHLPA and the owners does not seem at all acceptable to the billions of wage slave workers out there, does it, Wayne? Anyway, the digression is running amuck on this site today!

What am I getting at here? Well, there is only one coherent view of god within the modern worldview and that view is called Pantheism: a view that equates the universe as being god! So an atheist is really a pantheist although there will probably be much humming and hawing at that assertion! The point to take from that, though, is this: the universe and this planet function via natural law as laid out and correctly espoused by scientists in the last 250 years ( as much as we know to date). So in reality, the modern godless worldview is quite incorrect and that there really is a God! Although at this level it certainly isn’t Thor, Apollo, or any of the other mythological gods. So the fact of the matter is the modernists are quite incorrect and there really is a god which has laws which we break at our peril and no handwaving or screaming and shouting by mythical fundamentalists can change this fact: we cannot do anything we want here! One should research The Laws of Thermodynamics as they relate to energy supplies on a finite planet. There will be consequences for faulty understanding. One last point on this : natural law as understood correctly strives for balance and equilibrium within living systems; that is to say that nature strives for equilibrium within all its life systems and species  which over-dominate do so at their peril and this is where The Rothschild /Rockefeller one-two punch becomes exceedingly  problematic: they are dominator hierarchies on a finite planet and make no mistake about it: they rule the earth today!

So what does this mean? It means that relatively benign business models and fuel sources in 1900 are exceedingly problematic today!

We are now playing a deadly game of Russian Roulette with the planet! This is consistent with the mafia ethos with its concomitant financial casino model for the world. The fact of the matter is the problem of oil is inextricably linked to money in much the same way that The Ring of Power was linked to Sauron! So the energy and financial behemoths are not above exploiting and using coercive tactics when it comes to traditional religion; that is to say, the rise of fundamentalism is probably not an organic event but a tactic of population control ( and situational control) over the issues which these two behemoths face today. It is by no means a given that science can solve these possibly intractable issues and it would be naïve and foolish not to believe that oil and money don’t have contingencies in place in the event that progress doesn’t go ahead as planned. There is a long dysfunctional historic relationship between money oil and religion!

Is there a way out? The sanest way out at the moment would be to downsize the economy by issuing a non-debt currency with a basic income tied to agreements by mass populations to learn to live harmonious lives with natural law. We know this will never happen! That leaves the wild cards:

  1. climate change and the notion that humans can pollute without consequence!
  2. any new energy source would have to be controlled by the same pathological power structure so even if it solves the issues humans will still be bound to this corrupt hierarchy which seems to be intent on fulfilling their long-held desire to do away with human labour by A.I. ! Where will that leave us in our master/slave relationship to them?
  3. intervention by god! Looking to traditional religion on this one is a waste of time, imo., but panentheism ( the extended version of the correct pantheistic worldview) may offer hope. Because god transcends the material cosmos it is then possible that there could be intervention. I don’t think this would look like any of the traditional narratives and I doubt it would be god per se doing the intervening, but rather lesser manifestations of god!
  4. we are not alone on this planet and alien lifeforms are or could/would be intervening in the affairs of this planet. 








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