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There’s so many of me. Agent Smith in The Matrix.

Oh, I know! I know what you’re going to say! No problem, Mr. Dawkins, you just carry on with your zygotes and phenotypes! This post is for all those Morpheus’s out there! Interesting that Morpheus is also the God of Dreams after the last one I had on this issue.

So this is the third (here is one and two) part of the Who Are The Archons, series?

One needs to watch, Who are The Nephilim, too, as it ties in with this theme. As does SHOW TRIALS

We can piece together certain themes from all the world’s mythologies on this topic:

  1. Angels are able to take on human form and other life forms, too! Ahem, Morpheus!
  2. *Angels are able to manipulate weather patterns.
  3. Angels are able to instigate earthquakes.
  4. Angels gave humanity technological knowledge ( that our technology comes from angelic intelligence)
  5. Angels are somehow in the pro-creation with human business and the lore says this led to corruption and violence and population explosion.
  6. Angels seem very confused about the nature of reality! What’s This?

Let’s go over some facts on 6: every religious book in existence is internally and comparatively contradictory! This is indisputable! We know that Gabriel gave contradictory messages to Mary and Mohammed. We can compare The Book of Mormon given by the angel Moroni to The Urantia Book–the only book I know of that claims definitive angelic authorship–and when compared we find nothing but contradictions! This is true of all channeled material, too!

There is only one reasonable conclusion here if angels exist: they are not telling the truth or being instructed not to tell the truth! **I don’t even know where to begin on the latter so we’ll stick with the former. So, all religious books contradict each other– so they cannot be correct in their depiction of angels; that is to say, we cannot discern the truth of the matter from those sources.

Nevertheless, there was a set of books found in 1945 called,  Nag Hammadi library

These books tell an ancient tale of alternative Christianity–one which was wiped out numerous times by The Roman Catholic Church. This is a matter of the historical record and not an attack on historic Christendom. It is and was what it was. These books tell the tale of an alternate cosmology wherein humanity finds themselves the prisoners on this planet ruled by gnostic archons–who are light beings beyond human notions of good and evil! They are what they are and this earth is theirs to rule!

The movie, The Matrix, is a modern-day tale of these ancient religious ideas. If angels exist then this is what humanity is dealing with as far as I can tell from my life research into these matters.

One other thing, for now, and we will continue this series at another time: the traditional notion that angels cannot be female comes from books that the archons wrote and control! So you guessed it!

The archons are female in their human form! Well, perhaps not all of them……

*Post Script: 2 3 4 and 5: all these phenomena are happening in the modern world and are consistent with this speculation.

** Actually, I have developed a cosmology that could explain why God sanctions outright lying by archons. But that is for another time……

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